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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Well. The presents have been unwrapped, the dinner – or dinners – have been eaten, and quite a bit of the chocolates, shortbread, and other Christmas treats have been consumed. The paper has been recycled, and perhaps there is even a pot of turkey stock simmering on the stove. At the risk of sounding cliche, and of bringing you all down, well, that was Christmas 2016.


It’s the same every year, there is a massive amount of build-up and preparation, and then, within 24 to 48 hours it’s done and for a lot of us, it’s all a big blur. We hope that your blur of the past couple of days included some great food and time spent with your favourite people. Because that, as they say, is what Christmas is all about.


The post-holiday feeling is a bit of a conflicted one, usually too. On one hand we can be relieved that the big day has come and gone, the pressure is kind of off at this point. On the other hand, what do we DO with ourselves now that there is nothing left to shop for, nothing left to wrap, no large meal to prepare???


Well, we start thinking about getting our party on for New Year’s Eve, don’t we?! 


“Wait, now” you might be saying, “I just recovered from Christmas, and you want to talk about NYE?!” Well, in a word, yes. No time like the present to plan your next big overindulgence opportunity!


If you are a person who loves a big New Year’s Eve party, you probably already have plans for the last night of 2016, because the biggest parties, the ones that require tickets and hotel rooms and the like tend to sell out pretty quickly, so you need to be on it. Or maybe you’re not done hosting big bashes for the year, so you’re planning on throwing your own NYE party! If that’s the case, you have probably done a lot of planning already for that too, and kudos to you if you are!


If you’re more of a last-minute type person who wants to wait to see how you’re feeling, and base your plans on that, plus the weather, and anything else that might need to be taken into consideration, well we found just the thing for you.


Check out To Do Canada’s detailed list of what is going on across Canada this December 31st: New Year’s Eve in Canada


This site lists it all, so whether you’re looking for kid- and family-friendly events, NYE dinners, pubs and bars, or where to see great live music on the 31st, this should definitely be your go-to site for all the necessary info. And the really great part is that because it’s a guide to celebrations all over Canada, if you’re the type of person to think “Road trip!” for New Year’s Eve, this place has you covered for that too. You can even find all the Polar Bear Dip locations across the country, if you’re into that sort of thing too!


If you’re scrolling through the list of festivities and are thinking that perhaps your favourite pyjamas and a good book are what you need instead this year, because maybe you’re remembering all the self-care tips we talked about last week, and feeling the need to recharge, well CBC has you covered for all the places you can watch the NYE happenings from the comfort of your couch. For the first time in a very long time, CBC is airing a national New Year’s Eve broadcast that will feature celebrations from all across the country. So you don’t have to actually go to Halifax or Edmonton or wherever, you can see what’s going on from your living room. Thanks, CBC! Details are here: How to watch CBC’s New Year’s Eve specials on TV and online.


Some ideas for a smaller scale NYE party can be found in this little article, Hello, 2017! with great tips for keeping kids busy and festive for the big night – although some of these ideas might even be good for those of us who are kids at heart – and those mocktails and that fondue look delicious!


We still have one more blog post before we say goodbye to 2016, so we’ll see you back here on Friday with a year-end wrap-up!


Enjoy the week, friends.


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