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A Look Ahead, and a Flashback for Friday

We are already into the third week of the new year, which is kind of hard to believe! Once that calendar changes over in January – BOOM – we hit the ground running, and there is no time to look back. Looking ever ahead through the year is a human specialty. We plan and plan and plan. Vacations, weekends, appointments…we are forever pulling out our phones and making entries in the calendar feature for events in the future, both near and far. It makes sense, it’s the best way to keep track of our lives, but when you start anticipating something that won’t actually be happening until – oh, say, July – does it feel like we are rushing the year away? When we get to December of 2017 will we say “Well, what happened to that year?!” We likely will, we always do.


This kind of looking waaaay ahead is most noticeable in the fashion world, where we are already seeing Fall 2017 collections in runway shows around the globe. The fashion houses are always a few seasons ahead, and last week, at New York’s famed Cotton Club, Stella McCartney launched her Pre-Fall 2017 collection. You can see the amazing clothes and accessories here, but we are more interested in the show itself, and the part that Aveda played in it.


Our friends at the Living Aveda blog have a lovely feature on the incredible hair that was featured on some of the entertainers who appeared at the McCartney show. The vibe was most definitely vintage – for both women and men – elegant and dazzling, and a nice nod to the golden age of the jazz club.


Read the whole post for all the details on how to get these fab looks, including which Aveda products will help do the trick!


It’s a bit of a paradox, this mix of looking ahead to nearly the end of the year, while at the same time, throwing it back to a decades earlier time and place, but we think it works pretty well. Acknowledging where you’ve been as you focus on where you’re headed will always steer you in the right direction.


Making sure you are steering in the right direction is something Kim and the Willow team understand very well, and with that in mind, we would like to say that we are really going to miss our Emma, who, with her family, is making the move west, and heading to Alberta. While we are all sad to see her go, we know that this is another of those moments where a look to the past can help set the future on its correct course. And really, knowing that someone you love is steering in the right direction is what it’s all about.

There will be an empty space at Willow, but in the spirit of moving forward, we are looking to hire an experienced stylist. Aveda knowledge and experience is an asset, but not necessary. Pass it on, friends. Share the info and the photo as you can, and help Willow steer towards the future, but always with an eye on where we came from.


Have a lovely weekend, chat with you here again on Tuesday!


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