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Aveda + Responsible Packaging = Greener Together

If you were among the many people to make new year’s resolutions at the end of 2016, you might also have been among the many people to consider the environment when making your resolutions.


Issues of the Environment, on National Public Radio (NPR) in the US, recently outlined ways the average consumer can help lower their own and their family’s impact on the planet in the coming year. As we all know, even small changes to routine and habits can make a big difference. Take plastic use, for example. As the transcript of the IotE show reads: Once you start looking at how much plastic you use, it can be overwhelming.


Most of us put out at least one blue box or bin loaded with glass, metal, and yes, lots of plastic once a week. And recycling is great, of course! But what if there were ways to make even the plastic you recycle more environmentally friendly? Well, that is something Aveda has been working hard to do for many years.

You all know that the Aveda products you love have to be packaged in some way, but what you might not know is how much thought and environmental consideration goes into each packaging option. From the Living Aveda blog:


With every package we develop, we’re mindful of our environmental footprint and work to minimize our packaging and maximize our packaging and maximize our use of recyclable and post consumer recycled materials.


If you think about the wall of products in an Aveda salon like Willow, and you think of the packaging, what springs to mind? It’s likely the fact that the majority of the products stand alone, they aren’t overpackaged within another package, and that’s something we can feel pretty good about! Add to that Aveda’s commitment to using post-consumer recycled materials, and to using bioplastics as much as possible, as well as Willow’s involvement in the Green Circle Salons initiative…well your new year’s resolutions to go greener just got a lot easier, didn’t they?!


You can read more about Aveda and their stand on responsible packaging on the Living Aveda blog, and of course, there is always information to be found at as well.


So feel good about the products you purchase from Aveda, not just because they do wonders for your hair and skin, but because the company takes the time and focuses their energy on ensuring their excellent products are placed in some of the most sustainable bottles, tubes, jars, and other containers on the planet.


Have a great week, friends. See you here on Friday!


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