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Friday Five: Brand New Year Edition

Good morning and welcome back to the blog and to the very first Friday Five of 2017!

It’s fitting that we have come full circle, back to Kim who, if you’ll remember, was our very first FF participant, way back in the spring of last year, when the blog was juuuuust starting out. And now, here we are kicking off the new year. So, Kim. What’s up for you this weekend?

One Place

Heading north, meeting my husband and step-kids at my brother-in-law’s cottage. Looking forward to a winter hike, relaxing in front of the fire with a glass of wine, and enjoying the beautiful silence of cottage country.

One outfit

Keeping it casual and warm with a beanie, leggings, and a big comfy sweater.

One song

Fake Empire by The National, for no other reason than I love them, and it’s always on repeat.

One product

Aveda’s lipsaver, definitely. It has SPF, and lots of hydration for those dry winter lips.

One word


Thanks for this killer list, Kim. We are envious of your cozy cottage getaway!

Have a great weekend, stay as warm as possible, and let’s get it started with Kim’s current go-to tune:

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