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The Willow Team: Becoming Art

Good morning! It’s snow, snow, snow around here today but it is January, after all, so it’s to be expected, right? And don’t worry, we have something to take your mind off shoveling, cleaning off your car, and trudging through the white stuff to get to school or work. And while we can’t book you a vacation to a warm, tropical destination (yeah, sorry) we can warm your hearts with a story of a super sweet Christmas gift idea and an introduction to a Hamilton-area artist. This really is one of the best things about having this blog is that we get to bring you not only news and info from Aveda, from Willow, and from the fashion, hair, and makeup world, but we also get to introduce you to some pretty great people, too. The Greater Hamilton area is home to a LOT of incredible people – from entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, to musicians and artists, and absolutely everything – and everybody – in between.


It’s art we’re chatting about today, and if you are currently unfamiliar with the artist Sylvia Waliczek, by the end of this post not only will you know who she is, but you will also likely end up wanting to see more of her work. A little bio from her website:


Sylvia Waliczek is a freelance illustrator whose work is characterized by bold lines, striking colour and a whimsical use of negative space. Largely self taught, Waliczek’s portfolio is a mixture of digital and traditional ink and ranges from storyboards for commercials and short films to commissions for local businesses. Find her work at



Flashback to Fall 2016, when Kim was considering what to give the Willow team for Christmas, and after seeing Sylvia’s work, thought how great it would be to have portraits of the team done by Sylvia in her signature style. The results are here in this post, and you will probably agree that they are stunning! Such a lovely idea for a gift, too.



Please check out Sylvia’s website for more fabulous and unique work, and follow her on Instagram for updates at:

Thanks so much, Sylvia, for letting us feature your Willow team portraits on today’s blog! And, of course, thanks as always to all of you for reading. Enjoy the week, take care in the snow, and we’ll chat again on Friday.

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