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Winter Blahs? Help Is Here!

Have they hit yet? The January blahs, we mean. Think about it. The festive season is over for another year. You’ve done it all – Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. You’ve made your resolutions and/or set your goals for the coming year. Now the bills from the holidays are making their way to your mailbox or your inbox, your fridge is (possibly) full of healthier snacks and meal options, and it’s still pretty much dark all the time.


Let’s face it: January is boring. 


The January blahs are actually a thing. Or several things you might say, and there are several ways to beat them into submission, to help do away with those winter blues. PsychCentral has 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs, and Mind Body Green has a whopping 10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs (we are sensing a theme, here, right?)


And these are all well and good, of course, nothing wrong with trying a little self-care to get us through the long winter.


If you’re someone who is able to take to a warmer climate during the coldest months, well enjoy! That really is one fantastic way to beat those cold weather blues. For those of us who aren’t getting away for some sun and sand, what else can we do?


We can shop. That’s what we can do.


Now wait, we hear you say. Didn’t you just say something about those post-holiday bills piling up? Well ye-e-e-ssss… But, maybe you have also resolved to go through your closets and get rid of the things that a) no longer fit (no judgement here) b) you haven’t worn in ages or c) are waaaay out of style. In that case then, a person has to have some clothes after all. So you’re justified. You’re welcome.


Need a little guidance? InStyle has The 11 Fashion Pieces You Should Buy in January to give you a head start. PopSugar give us Prep Your Closet for 2017 With Our Editors’ January Must Haves, and, if you want to get a jump on the ol’ “what’s hot what’s not” for 2017, check out ELLE’s article on fashion trends for the whole scoop on what you’ll want to pick up, and what you might want to ditch.


We’ve talked before about how it’s really not necessary to spend an absolute fortune to stay on trend – sometimes classic pieces show up again and again, and you can find them while thrifting or in consignment stores. And that, friends, is one of the biggest scores you can have!


The other thing that can work really well is scanning the mags and the articles for their fashion trend predictions and going through your OWN CLOSET to see what you already have that can be repurposed, or just brought back into rotation. Most of us have some items that seem to turn up on all the lists at one point or another (the classic white shirt, anyone?!) Bottom line: dig deep into those wardrobes and closets, but double check before you purge!


Now we realize that this won’t make winter go any faster. It’s still going to be cold and dark for a few months yet, of course, but a combination of self-care for beating the blahs and a little retail therapy for doing the same can go a very long way.


Happy shopping – whether it’s online, in person, or in your very own home – and we’ll chat with you again on Friday, friends!


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