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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Happy One Hundred!

Welcome back to the week, friends! Not a short one this week, unfortunately, we gotta put in all five days it seems. Darn. But it’s the final day of February (already!) tomorrow is March, which means spring is coming ever closer, and we promised you a milestone post today, didn’t we? You got it. Now,…

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Backstage Pass

Are you a fan of anything behind-the-scenes? Do you love finding out what goes on in the background of your favourite TV show, or with your fave sports team? Would  you get excited to take a trip backstage at the theatre to see how it all comes together onstage for the audience? Well then, get…

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Going Metal for Spring

Good morning, and welcome to the first day of a lovely short week! We hope everyone enjoyed Family Day! It was a pretty stellar weekend, weather-wise, that’s for sure. And yes, we do keep talking about the weather lately, but can you blame us when it’s all over the map?! Seriously, temperatures are getting up…

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Throwing Shade(s)

We don’t want to jinx it – at all – but, you may have noticed something kind of newish in the skies lately. Any guesses?   Yes, it’s the sun! It’s back! Ok, ok, technically it never left, we understand that, but, like every winter around this part of the world, we go long stretches…

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Things We Love on Valentine’s Day

Well it’s Valentine’s Day, friends. Are you celebrating with flowers, cards, chocolates, the whole deal? You know there’s no reason NOT to celebrate, right? Whether you’re partnered or single, everyone deserves treats, no excuses! So get out there and get your chocolate on! Treat yourself! Or, wait until tomorrow when it’s all on sale… We…

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A Visit to Willow: Senses Working Overtime

Happy Friday, friends! Going to hit you all straight away with a little exercise to get the blood flowing and the brain firing this morning. Ready? Ok good.   Now…think about the last time you walked in to Willow Salon. What do you notice, once you’ve opened the doors and are walking toward the reception…

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Think Spring With the Colour of the Year!

At the time of writing this blog post, the Hamilton area is under a severe weather alert. More specifically it’s a freezing rain warning. Could it BE any more February out there?!   After a few days of pleasant-ish temperatures, a light dusting of snow, and finally some sunshine, it just figures that Mother Nature…

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Friday Five – February Edition!

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome back to our Friday Five! It’s the post-Groundhog Day edition of the FF, and from what we understand there were conflicting groundhog reports? Clearly weather forecasting using rodents is not an exact science… But anyway… This month for our Friday Five, we are featuring Alanah, the newest lovely face at…

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