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A Visit to Willow: Senses Working Overtime

Happy Friday, friends! Going to hit you all straight away with a little exercise to get the blood flowing and the brain firing this morning. Ready? Ok good.


Now…think about the last time you walked in to Willow Salon. What do you notice, once you’ve opened the doors and are walking toward the reception area?  


If you were trying to describe your arrival at Willow to a friend who’d never been there, how would you begin, where would you start?


Writers often use all the senses to transport their readers to the scene they’re writing about, so think about using all five senses to illustrate what it’s like being in the salon for someone who has yet to experience Willow.


What do you see? Friendly team members at the reception area, smiling, ready to welcome you. A beehive of activity, clients, stylists all moving with purpose throughout the salon area. Lovely decor, a tidy wall of Aveda products…what else?


What about what you hear? Blowdryers, naturally! Also music, the fragments of conversation, stylists consulting with clients, laughter…


You get the picture! Likely you’re not really tasting anything – until you sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea, of course. And for touch, there are the robes, the glossy pages of the magazines, the sensation of the scalp massage.


We have, of course, saved the most important (in this case) sense for last, because it truly is the way we experience Willow from the beginning and that is through our sense of smell.


You’ll often hear people talk about “that Aveda smell,” and it’s definitely in a positive way! What is that gorgeous fragrance that hits you as soon as you step in an Aveda salon? Well, the Living Aveda blog breaks it down for us in a recent post Inside Our Aroma Lab. This article highlights the hard work of Aveda’s pure-fumers, who work tirelessly to develop and produce those beautiful and therapeutic Aveda scents.


One of the best way to experience that Aveda smell is through Aveda’s gorgeous line of composition oils. We’ve chatted about the wonderful benefits of these oils in a previous post, and it’s worth a visit back to check them out.

And, as we gear up for that holiday celebrating love and romance next week, it might be a good idea to focus on the Aveda Love Composition Oil – you know, just sayin’…


A visit to Willow is a treat for the senses – all of them! On your next visit, give our little exercise a try, see what your senses are trying to tell you, and report back if you can! Leave us a comment here on the blog and let us know what you experienced!


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! We’re back Tuesday with more!

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