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Going Metal for Spring

Good morning, and welcome to the first day of a lovely short week! We hope everyone enjoyed Family Day! It was a pretty stellar weekend, weather-wise, that’s for sure. And yes, we do keep talking about the weather lately, but can you blame us when it’s all over the map?! Seriously, temperatures are getting up to 17C this week – SEVENTEEN! And it’s not even the end of February!


And while we might not be entirely out of the woods just yet – we never know if winter will return full blast – it’s so difficult NOT to anticipate spring. There is just so much excitement in the fashion, beauty, and hair world leading up to this next season, and so little time to cover it all in our mere two blog posts a week! But don’t worry, we will try to get to as much as possible over the next few weeks.


One trend that is making itself known lately is the metallic look. We’re seeing it in a lot of items from jackets to shoes and bags, and it’s easy to see why. We often associate the shiny, metal-look items with the holidays – think tinsel and lights, garlands and tree-topping stars – but metals can work for spring as well. They are actually a nice bridge from the short days and long dark nights of winter into the lighter, no-jacket-required, warm days of spring. Because while December might be all about sparkle and shine, January, February, and even March tend to be all black coats, heavy dark boots, serviceable neutral bags, and on and on and on. Take a look around you during the height of winter, and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

But, later on, we’re looking for a little colour, a bit more texture, and some excitement! It’s too early (usually!) in February or March to break out the sandals,the straw bags, and the pastels, but metallics can help us make the leap, as we’ve been seeing in the fashion mags and on the trendsetting websites.


Take a look at these cute loafers from Tod’s as a perfect example. Practical and traditional, but that silver makes our eyes pop, and gives us hope that warm weather is on its way! The same goes for this cute bomber jacket from Guess. You could potentially buy it in black or brown, but metallic silver just makes it that much edgier and fun.


Vogue Italia takes the metal to another level with their gallery of over forty metallic looks from the runways. As usual, the Vogue take is likely beyond what we’re all wearing to work or school, but that’s ok, it’s just fun to look, and to know what’s in for the coming season.


The Fashionisers website has a nice round-up of 2017 shoe styles, complete with a section on – yes, indeed – shoes with a metallic leaning! Scroll down to #11 for Shiny Shoe Goodness.


And finally, for the most practical among us, take a look at these beauties from Adidas! The iconic Stan Smith has been given a copper makeover, and has never looked better!


So much selection when it comes to metallics for spring, and even just looking at these online makes our pulse increase a little bit! Now, let’s hope the weather continues to cooperate…


Enjoy the week, everyone! See you back here on Friday!

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