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Happy One Hundred!

Welcome back to the week, friends! Not a short one this week, unfortunately, we gotta put in all five days it seems. Darn. But it’s the final day of February (already!) tomorrow is March, which means spring is coming ever closer, and we promised you a milestone post today, didn’t we? You got it. Now, please imagine a drum roll as we introduce our…


100th Willow Salon Blog Post! Hooray! Virtual confetti and imaginary champagne for everyone!


It’s true! Nearly a full year of posting twice a week (the actual blog anniversary is coming up in mid-March) brings us to exactly one hundred posts today, and we are pretty excited!


One hundred posts is a pretty great accomplishment in the blogging world where so many start with good intentions, only to find that time commitments needed for blogging are actually too great. A blog does seem like a great idea for a small business – and indeed it is – but to keep it sustainable, ah, that is the challenge when you’re stretched thin with staff and time already, as most small businesses typically are.


With the Willow blog, our goal was to have fresh content twice weekly; content that is relevant, interesting, timely, and fun, and we hope we have accomplished just that. If you’ve been reading from the very beginning, a heartfelt thank you for supporting our venture! And, for those of you who might have just arrived, thank YOU too, for finding us, and we hope you’ll stick around for the next 100 posts…and beyond!


Now, since we’re in kind of a nostalgic mood on this our 100th post-versary (juuuust made that word up, you’re welcome!) let’s take a look back at a few of the highlights over the past eleven months…



Kim was the featured guest on the My Better Business Half podcast, one of the projects from the very talented and dynamic Kitestring duo Jenn Hudder and Chris Farias. We loved hearing Kim talk about the very beginnings of Willow, her ideas for team-building, and a lot of other great stuff. The entire podcast is fun and engaging, and was definitely a highlight for us. Thanks again, Jenn and Chris!



Not exactly a “highlight” for us, but definitely something we took very seriously, and something that required our attention. The mid-summer blog post owning up to a negative article about Willow’s service was one that was extremely important to us. As with anything, the bad needs to be taken with the good, and we did not want to shy away from confronting this, just hoping it would go away. Dealing with it head-on is Willow’s style, and we are extremely proud of that.



May is always a fun time at Willow, given that is our birthday month, and last year we celebrated birthday number eleven in STYLE with a fab open house, featuring some of our favourite people! Perhaps you were there too! It was a wonderful day, with smiles all around, and it definitely deserves a spot in our blog retrospective!



And, finally, of COURSE we have to include our inaugural blog post way back in March of 2016! That’s when it all got started, when we introduced our bloggy mission to you all, and started down this path to bring you all the news from Willow, Aveda, and much, much more.


One hundred posts – wow!


Again, thank you to all of you for reading, and for keeping up with us. And, if you have a favourite blog moment, please let us know in the comments!


Have a lovely week, friends. See you Friday for the March edition of the Friday Five!


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