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Throwing Shade(s)

We don’t want to jinx it – at all – but, you may have noticed something kind of newish in the skies lately. Any guesses?


Yes, it’s the sun! It’s back! Ok, ok, technically it never left, we understand that, but, like every winter around this part of the world, we go long stretches where we don’t really see the sun. We know it’s around, making sure the earth isn’t plunged into another ice age, but it’s just not that prominent, it’s not shining on us outright.


There’s something about seeing the sunshine in mid- to late-February, isn’t there? It’s the first blush, the first real promise of spring. Even though we know for a fact that winter is not about to let go of us any time soon, we’re still hopeful. And, to be fair, this winter hasn’t been particularly hard compared to what other parts of Canada are dealing with, but by February many of us are weary of coats and boots, cold noses and toes. The return of slightly longer, sunnier days can really help us believe that spring is just around the corner.

If you are as unprepared for the return of sunshine as a lot of Ontarians are, let us help you get sorted with the best sunglasses trends for 2017!


Sunglasses are essential whenever the sun is out and strong, but we tend not to think of them as winter necessities, even though when we do see the sun in winter, it is incredibly bright! Sunlight reflecting off snow is particularly strong, and anyone who skis, snowboards, or participates in any other outdoor winter sports knows that goggles or sunglasses are required equipment. But, for those of us who prefer indoor winter activities, we may be unfamiliar or unaware of the importance of eye protection throughout the coldest months. And, getting back to what we talked about earlier, we often don’t even see the sun for days or weeks on end, so it’s not all that crucial, therefore, something we kind of forget about.


Once spring arrives, and with it we HOPE, lots of sunshine, we start dusting off the shades and throwing them back in our bags, and if you are in the market for some new ones, or you just like to keep up with what’s hot, a few of our favourite fashion sites have you covered!


Celebrity Vibes

Fashion magazine rounds up the latest in celebrity sunglasses with The Hottest New Accessories Trend that Celebrities are Obsessed With. Awkwardly worded headline aside, this article from the end of January highlights the mirrored shades look and calls it as a hot trend for 2017. You can be the judge! (Note: the rose gold trend is still going strong, now in sunglasses form!)

Low Creep Factor for 2017

Waaaaay back in June of last year, Vogue called the mirrored look for 2017 (how do they do that?!?) and gave us a taste of what to expect with their article Forget That Creeped-Out Vibe: Tinted Shades Are Back for Summer 2017. Some cool looks here, and yes, less creepy than the examples they give in the first paragraph of the article!

Best Accessorized

Elle brings us The Best Earrings, Sunglasses, and More Accessories at New York Fashion Week with a fantastic gallery of, well, all the accessories you’ll need for the season! Shades, belts, and more, along with some way-out futuristic-looking headgear too. You’ll have to follow the link for all the wild details.


Enjoy this sunny Friday, everyone! Grab your shades and get outside if you can! If not, cozy up in a blanket, and flip through a magazine to plan out the shades you’re going to purchase once the warmer temperatures arrive. Totally your call.


See you Tuesday!


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