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Earth Month Kickoff…Get Inspired!

Here we are friends, at the very end of the week, AND at the very end of the month! That’s right, it’s March 31st, and March has really been something, hasn’t it? We’ve had all the seasons in the span of just one month. Amazing. Or you might want to use another word, we’re not judging.


Anyway, tomorrow is April, and April means one thing… Technically April means several things, but for Aveda, and Willow, April means one BIG thing, and that is Earth Month.


Tomorrow we kick off Aveda’s annual Earth Month celebrations, and here at the blog we will be filling our pages with events, tips, Aveda offers, and a lot more.


Earth Month is a month-long celebration of our planet, dedicated to protecting it and its resources, and we, as humans living on earth, pledge to do our part to aid in this protection. The earth is more fragile than ever, and everything we do has an impact on our soil, our water, and our air. The official Earth Day (it technically is Earth Day, but much of the world has stretched the day out to an entire month, but officially the website still goes by Earth Day) offers information about programs to get involved in, ways to help in your community or your school, and how to support the Earth Day mission. Find everything you need to know about Earth Day Canada on their website, and make your plans for April now.


As always, Willow will be participating, and here are some of the ways you can help Willow help celebrate Earth Month:


We’ll have much more as the month progresses, but for now, get inspired with Aveda’s introduction to their Earth Month festivities:



Happy Friday, Happy (almost) Earth Month, and Happy Weekend! So much happy – enjoy it all, friends!

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