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Friday Five – Blogger Edition!

It’s Friday, friends – finally! And it appears that winter is still with us, that March truly is coming in like a lion. There’s snow on the way, but it’s Friday, so we’ve definitely got that going for us!


It is also the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for another edition of the Friday Five, and this week, we have another guest to give us their FF. If you remember, just before Christmas we had Kitestring founder, friend to Willow, and all-around cool guy Chris Farias give us his take on the Friday Five, and today we are turning it over to another friend to Willow.


Today’s Friday Five comes to us courtesy of…well, it’s none other than me, your Willow Salon blogger, Elizabeth.


As the first anniversary of the blog approaches, Kim thought it would be perfect timing for me to introduce myself to you all, and let you know a little bit about me, and how I got this gig. So, settle in, friends, it’s story time! But I know you’ve got places to go and things to do, so I will keep it brief, I promise.


I’ve been friends with Kim for over fifteen years, and have been lucky enough to watch her grow Willow from a precarious start-up position, into an incredibly vibrant, well-respected, and successful business. My work is not in the salon industry, I have worked in libraries in the Hamilton area for the past 20 years, but last year, when I left my full-time job to pursue other avenues, Kim asked if I would be interested in blogging for the salon. We had a couple of meetings, and a couple of glasses of wine, and the deal was struck. And the rest, as they say, is history.


It has been an absolute pleasure blogging for the salon for the past almost year, and a huge thank you to Kim for taking a chance on this endeavour! I look forward to another year of bringing you Willow news, Aveda news, and everything in between. Thanks to you for reading (and for indulging me today, too!)


Now, onward to the Friday Five. You all know the drill, so here we go:


One place

The opera! My eldest son is studying music at Wilfred Laurier University, and is playing in the orchestra for the opera performances this weekend, so that’s where I am headed. Gonna get my culture on!


One outfit

I’m a big fan of the black tunic, black tights, black boots, black scarf look. It’s served me well over the years, and can easily take me from the opera Saturday night, then later to the Risky Business 80s night at Casbah afterparty without too much trouble. (And yes, I cheated a bit and snuck in another “place”. Blogger’s prerogative!)


One song

All We Are by Ethan Paxton & the Brakemen. The band released this single a few weeks back, and it’s been on constant rotation in our house and in my earbuds ever since. Full disclosure: the bass player in this band is my previously mentioned eldest son, so it’s a bit of a shameless promotion, but it’s also a really good song!

One product

Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil is everything. The weather has been so odd lately, alternating between cold and dry to warm and humid, and this little oil does a great job taming dry fly-aways when it’s cold, and controlling the frizzies when the humidity hits. It’s a perfect little product!


One word

Framily. Yes, it’s a made up word, but it’s one Kim coined to mean friends who are like family, and I think it’s perfect. This weekend will be made up of family, friends, and yes, framily, and I am looking forward to getting started!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Enjoy the song and video from my One Song pick this week, and we will see you back here on Tuesday!



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