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March Breakin’

It’s Friday, and March Break is upon us! Well, perhaps not for us unless some of you reading this blog are in elementary, middle, or high school – and if you are, that’s awesome! But mostly it’s March Break for those of us who a) have kids in any of those aforementioned types of schools or b) are teachers in those schools (who also, of course, may have kids in school too).


March Break, whether we know it and whether we like it or not, affects all of us – even if it’s only indirectly. Commute to work? You’ll probably find traffic a bit lighter. Commute by public transit? Buses are likely less full than usual. You might find yourself, if you don’t have kids of your own, wondering why on earth are so many kids at the mall/park/movies/etc. in the middle of the day. And then, “ahhh yes, March Break!”


If you’re sticking around the city for the break, perhaps you’ve lined up some fun things to do for the kids, but if you haven’t yet got around to that, Tourism Hamilton has you covered. Lots of kid- and family-friendly ideas for the week at Hamilton’s trails, museums, galleries, the farmer’s market…and many others. March Break also coincides with maple syrup time, so maybe check out the local sugar shacks to get your pancakes on! And what better way to kick off the weekend and the coming week than with Art Crawl! Happening tonight, as it does the second Friday of every month on James St. North


The Hamilton Spectator also has a nice roundup of events and happenings in the city and area for the weekend and all next week, and you can find all the details here, on their Hamilton Events page.


Now. For those of you lucky enough to escape the chilly March weather we are experiencing – and by all accounts, the forecast looks to be about the same for the next week or so – we haven’t forgotten you! As always, we want you to have a wonderful time, wherever your March Break adventures take you.


If you’re heading for sunnier climes, well, we’re a little bit jealous, but we’d also like to offer you a reminder that your northern hemisphere skin, that you’ve had to keep covered up for so many months, just might not be ready for the onslaught of all sun all the time! Of course you know about the importance of sunscreen, and of grabbing shade when you can, wearing sunglasses, hats, all of those things. But we also do understand the desire to just BASK IN THE WARMTH that we have been missing up here in the colder part of the world. So. All we are asking is that you hydrate, protect and protect some more. And of course, Aveda can help you do all that!

Start by protecting your hair with Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This is, as the website says “A lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours, to minimize damage and dryness.” Sixteen hours! You’re definitely going to need that next week!


You can also protect while shampooing your hair with the Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. This lovely product helps remove chlorine and salt from your hair and skin, which can cause discolouration, and moisturizes to reduce the dryness that you can get from hours in hot air, salty wind, and sunshine.

Take a look at for more sun protection products to take along on vacay – whether it’s now for March Break, or later this summer when the sun and warmth returns to us!

And lastly, as far as hydration goes, drinking lots of water is important for nourishing hair, skin, and… well let’s be honest, it’s also great for protection and recovery during and after Happy Hour too!


However you are spending your weekend and your March Break, we hope you have a lovely time, and we also hope you’ll join us back here on Tuesday for more from the blog! See you then!

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