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Spring, Sprung

Good morning! It’s officially spring, did you know? You probably do, it has been a hot topic on social media since the weekend, it seems everyone is more than ready to welcome the season of rebirth, renewal, and – with any luck at all – warmth.


Spring, like fall, is a season where you can really feel as well as see the changes in the world. Think about it. Trees are budding, little wee shoots are poking up through the ground, and some of the braver, hardier ones are even making their way through the what’s left of the snow. The air is still cool, cooler than we’d probably like, but when the sun is out you can really feel that it’s starting to pack a little punch of heat with that sunshine. Thanks to daylight savings time our days here in the northern hemisphere are a little longer, allowing us to take in more of that sunshine, and that’s got to start us on the path to feeling good about where the season is headed!


Unlike fall and winter where we begin the process of hunkering down and making plans to stay indoors and cocoon ourselves, spring invites us to open the windows, pull out the patio furniture, and start to embrace the outdoors once again. A lot of people refer to spring as the awakening, and it’s a very good description. A lot of us would, if we could, sleep or hibernate our way through the coldest season, but no one wants to sleep through spring. What we do want to do in spring is get organized.


If winter means staying inside with all our stuff, spring means throwing off all that stuff, and starting fresh. Spring cleaning is a real thing, after all. And while the concept of spring cleaning hasn’t changed much over the years, our approach to it really has. Open Google, type “spring cleaning” into the search box and attempt to make your way through the results! Even limiting your search to articles and information from just the last year produces thousands of results.


Now, when you’re keen to start your spring cleaning, the last thing you want is MORE clutter in the form of too many search results, so let us give you a hand with that. Over the next few posts we will break it down for you, and point you to a few different sorts of websites and resources that you can check out for cleaning, decluttering, and organizing ideas. Cleaning can be fun! Can’t it?


There’s an app for that!

Well of course there is. There is an app or two or three (hundred) for pretty much everything else, so why not cleaning? Paste Magazine rounds up their ten favourites – everything from chore and task schedulers to clothing swaps and how and where to recycle common household items – and takes spring cleaning to the next level.


Change your life…one thing at a time!

You may have heard about the bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the gist of which is everything has a place, and everything should bring you joy. As well, keeping on top of organizing things is better than an all-out blitz when you can’t find something. The book was a hit with many people, and others gave it a bit of side-eye, but there is something to be said for taking the time to put things where they belong, and enjoy the things you have. The author, Marie Kondo, has a website where you can sign up for her newsletter if you like her style of organizing and decluttering. Granted, her style isn’t for everyone, but it just might be for you!


Listen in!

Maybe a book or an app isn’t really your style, but you’d still like to hear what others do, and how they accomplish their organizing and cleaning. Check out The Art of Simple podcast where the host and her guest tackle spring cleaning. Not literally of course, but they do chat about how they handle the excess “stuff” that we all seem to accumulate. Podcasts are great on the go, and this one really makes you feel like you’re part of the team, and yes you CAN get it all done!


In the end, of course, we still need to actually DO the cleaning, the organizing, the decluttering, etc. ourselves. But it’s nice that we have apps, books, podcasts and other things to give us a helping hand.


Happy cleaning if you’re getting started down that path, friends! We’ll see you back here Friday.


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