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Think Spring, Think Spring, Think Spring…

Currently, while writing this blog post for tomorrow morning, the Greater Hamilton area is under attack. Now, don’t be too alarmed, it’s not anything that we haven’t experienced before, it’s just, well we’re usually not used to experiencing it quite like this in mid-March.


And you know what we’re talking about, right? ALL THIS SNOW!


Remember our piece from Friday where we talked about March Break plans, and how some of us would be away and some of us would be home, well this time it seems the away people are winning. Although, it does depend on your perspective, doesn’t it? If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, this is perfect – especially if you’ve got some time off. If you’re the type to like to stay inside with a good book or some Netflix, well this is perfect weather for that sort of endeavour too! But, if you’re craving spring, tired of boots and mittens and hats and shoveling…well, we feel your pain. So even though we’re only a week away from the spring solstice and it looks like the dead of winter out there, we would like to dedicate this post to all you sun seekers. Let’s talk spring, friends. Perhaps, by the power of suggestive thought, we can make it happen. It’s worth a shot on this cold wintery night!


Spring = Colour, and even those of us who have a penchant to dress all (or mostly) in black have to agree that spring is the one season where we might want to step outside our monochromatic comfort zone and add a little zip to our wardrobe. And even if it’s just in accessories, a pop or a jolt of colour adds a little spring to your step (see what we did there?) and puts a smile on your face. So let’s talk colour too!

BLESS YOU, Refinery29, for giving us the 4 Spring It Colours You Need to Know. Orange! Pink! Yellow! Blue! Fine, yes, sorry, spoilers, but we are just so excited!


Harper’s Bazaar talks to us with slogans, edgy accessories, tapestry prints, and more. Gorgeous patterns and fabrics help make spring a tactile experience, and we are more than happy to jump on this trend. Couldn’t we all use a little luxe right now?


Our friends at Fashion Magazine give us a guide to stripy behaviour with their gorgeous How to Wear Stripes article and gallery. Honestly, stripes = spring, who’s with me on this??? There is just something about a sleek navy and white or red and white or red and blue…ok, really ANY stripe combination…that evokes all things spring.


The nice thing about March snow is that we know it can’t possibly last too long. So sock in tonight, friends. Stay warm and safe and think colourful, springy thoughts the best you can. We’ll be back Friday, and let’s hope we’ll all be laughing about this snowstorm by then. Fingers crossed!


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