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Today’s Colours: More Than Just Green!

It’s Friday once again, friends! And not only that, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! So, if you are celebrating your Irish heritage today, a very happy day to you! If you’re just celebrating in general – and who can blame you – you know what they say, everyone’s a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. However you’re celebrating, we hope you have a great day, and please do stay safe, friends!


We considered doing a roundup of all things green today, but you can only stretch green makeup and fashion so far, so instead, we’d like to introduce you to four new videos from Aveda, that will have you dreaming of flowers, sunshine, and spring. The sunshine we seem to have in abundance currently, which is fantastic, of course. But still, looking out on all that snow…brrr! Let these lovely and soothing makeup tutorials whisk you away!


Let’s start with the Nude Neutral Look Tutorial. This video shows us how to get the “no-makeup makeup look” that is always so popular once the temperatures start to heat up. No one wants to sweat off a lot of makeup, but some of us need a little something to accentuate some areas, and take the pressure off others. Ahem. No judgement here! This video shows us how to do just that.



Next, let’s take a look at the Lip Contouring Tutorial. Lip contour? Yes, indeed! Contouring has been a huge deal in makeup application in the last few years, but in this video you can learn how to apply the same kind of technique to your lips for definition and depth. And ooooooh, those colours! Definitely on our list for spring lippies!



Now, let’s get dramatic with the Bronzed Eye Tutorial! This video does everything to feature the model’s eyes, and keeps the rest of the face neutral to really emphasize the contrast. The results are gorgeous, and we love this look for an evening out.



Finally, the video series brings us the Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial, and this one really knocks our socks off! The elderberry colour is just perfect, and again, it’s a dramatic look, but the more neutral tones on the rest of the face give the whole look a softer, gentler feel than if the lips and cheeks were full of colour.

Absolutely gorgeous, all of them! And they make it look so easy! If you’re interested in creating one or more of these looks on your own, YouTube is your best friend. Play, pause, play some more, pause, go back…you get the picture. With practice all these looks and so many more are achievable. And the other great thing about these tutorials is that you can take bits and pieces and discover what works best for you. Maybe you want to try that lip contouring or the bronzed eye, but you’re not interested in the rest of the techniques? No problem! Just skip right to the part that’s for you, and keep at it until you’ve got it.


And if you’re interested in recreating these looks, you’ll need the colours, so head to the Aveda website for all the Solstice Bloom products, and then head to Willow to pick them up!


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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