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And we’re back!

If you follow Willow Salon on social media, you probably already know that last week the blog was hacked. It was nothing personal, as far as we know. There seems to have been a rash of break-ins to WordPress accounts – like this one – and fortunately there was no harm done. We are lucky to have a wonderful team at Kitestring who were, in two small words, ON IT. In a flash they were able to solve the problem and get us all sorted out. Whew.

Sadly, this meant we were out of commission for our Friday Five last week, and we are very sorry about that! We will make it up to you, we promise, and perhaps we’ll even do a double Friday Five next month. We’ll see how it goes.

So thanks to Kitestring we are back, and now we can continue our Earth Month feature for you all. Hooray!

Earth Month has honestly come a long way in the past several years. For one thing, Earth Day was a thing not that long ago – and it still is – but the whole concept of celebrating our earth has evolved into an entire month, which is amazing. But, it is often difficult to sustain interest, enthusiasm, and ideas for a whole month, isn’t it? And that’s not anyone’s fault at all. We all have a lot going on; we have jobs and families and school and commitments, so it’s no wonder the earth isn’t our only focus during the month of April. It’s almost like we need a schedule or a plan or some sort of list of ways to help, that we can incorporate throughout the month, isn’t it? Hmmmm…now where can we find something like that? That’s where.

Aveda has given us five – count ’em – five simple ways to help preserve and conserve water in conjunction with Earth Month. It’s awesome, because they really are simple, and for some of you, they might be things you already do, in which case you can smile and high five yourself, because you are making a difference, perhaps without even knowing it. Let’s look at a couple today!

First, the always wonderful Light the Way candle is an exceptional way to celebrate Earth Month. From the website:

“Just CA $16 can lead to years of clean drinking water for a person in Madagascar. This year’s limited-edition aroma features certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang from Madagascar, where we’ve helped fund water systems for 10,000 people.”

Have you been into Willow to see and smell this candle? It’s incredibly beautiful, and kind of a bargain as well! And, from personal experience, they make the whole house smell lovely. You honestly can’t lose with this Earth Month idea.

Secondly, Aveda promotes Book an Appointment for Clean Water, and the website says:

“Every year during April, thousands of Aveda artists donate their time and talent towards clean water — because they’re amazing!”

And all we can say is..RIGHT?!?

Aveda artists and especially Willow artists, are amazing.

So with 19 days left in April, be sure to check out the rest of the fab ideas at And please remember that Willow is participating in a big way as well.

Lots more Earth Month info left to come, friends. Enjoy the week and we’ll chat again on Friday!

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