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Earth Month Continues with Aveda’s Walk for Water

Good morning! It’s Tuesday yet again, and the Tuesday after a long weekend can really make you miss that long weekend, can’t it? Ah well, only a few more days and we’re back in the weekend zone – we can do it, friends!


How did you spend your long weekend? Did you celebrate Easter with family and friends? Was it a smallish dinner party, or did you go all out with a big meal, egg hunt, the whole deal? Maybe you don’t go in for the Easter celebrations, but instead took the time to get gardens cleaned up or outside patios or balconies organized for the coming nice weather? The weather itself was entirely lovely for most of the weekend, which also meant it was superb for getting outside! Lots of cyclists and runners on the trails, and in the streets, and so many people just out walking, enjoying the sunshine and the freedom of being out of doors without a big heavy winter coat and boots!


If you were among the outdoorsy types this weekend, whether you were hiking, running, or just out for a leisurely stroll, you might be interested in knowing more about another of Aveda’s Earth Month initiatives.


The Walk for Water is an annual event – this year taking place on May 1st. Aveda salons and other members of the organization form teams and fundraise for the cause and then get together to walk six kilometres, which is the average distance girls and women in countries like Madagascar need to walk in order to bring water for their families. Now when you’re out for a walk or a bike ride after dinner, six kilometres doesn’t seem like an awful lot. You’re chatting with a friend, or listening to music, or just enjoying your surroundings. But think of a child or young woman walking to the water source with an empty jug or other container, then walking another 6km BACK with that container filled with water. Now that is a very long walk indeed.


Aveda wants to make life – and water collection – better and safer for girls and women, and Earth Month is, as we’ve already chatted about, is the perfect time to do just that, and the Walk for Water is a great event to support.


Your Willow Salon team is raring to go, and here is just a few of the ways your donation to the cause can help:


“Here’s how a donation can change lives:

  • $25 can provide access to clean, drinkable water to one person for life
  • $50 can give a village a toolkit to maintain a water point
  • $100 can provide a family with clean, drinkable for life

No matter your donation amount, your support goes a long way.”

If you would like to donate, you can find Team Willow’s page here:

Walk for Water with Team Willow 


And don’t forget Earth Month continues at the salon as well, with the raffle for a basket of amazing Aveda products, Light the Way candles, and more. 


Have a great week, everyone. See you back here on Friday!


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