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New From Aveda: Products that Protect, for Earth Month and Beyond

Good morning, and happy Friday! We hope everyone is still intact and dried out after yesterday’s deluge. That was, as they say, SOME RAIN. Wow. And it was cold, too. Brrr. Not exactly what we think of when we think April showers.


And yes, it’s still April, so yes, it’s still Earth Month, and the celebrations continue! But today we’d like to take a break from our usual Earth Month chatter to talk a bit about a new Aveda product that has potential to be your new best friend. We know, we know…SO MANY Aveda products are our BFFs, but honestly, this one? Will be a game AND a life changer. Trust us.


You all know about Aveda’s amazing dry shampoo, and have likely revelled in the marvelous things it can do for your hair. Especially when you wake up and realize “Aarghh, no time to wash the hair today!” And, like all the wonderful products in the Shampure line, it smells amaaaaazing!


Well now, Aveda has introduced a companion product to the dry shampoo and that is – you probably guessed it – dry conditioner.


Who knew?! 


So now you can refresh your hair with dry shampoo, and then condition it with dry conditioner, and honestly, where have you been all our life?!?


You can read all about this gorgeous new product and its benefits for your hair – and your morning routine – here. Such a seriously great idea for a product. Condition, detangle, and then use heat to style as usual. All without having to use any water at all.


Which brings us to another point…


We said that we were taking a small break from Earth Month chat to bring you info about the dry conditioner, but in reality, this product is very Earth Month friendly. If you think about how much water we use when we shower, wash, and condition our hair…well it’s quite a lot. Now think about taking a day or two or maybe even three where you don’t have to jump in the shower to wash and condition your hair, how much water can you save by doing that? According to the stats on, if you can cut your shower short by three minutes, you can save six gallons of water. That may not seem like an awful lot, but multiply that by two or three times a week, by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people and well…that’s a tidal wave of water savings.


So look at at that. Even when we think we’re not talking about Earth Month and water conservation, we kind of are. High-fives all around!


Enjoy the weekend, friends. Weekends are the best times to give your water heater a break. Dry shampoo and condition it up! The earth – and your hair – will be happy you did.

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