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Strapped For Time? Aveda’s Dynamic Duo To The Rescue!

The weekend is nearly upon us once again, and if you listen carefully, you can hear most of the work and school world give a collective sigh and whisper, or maybe even shout “Friiiiiiiiiday, at last!” It’s a good feeling, that is for sure.


Now, perhaps you are among the working people of the world who put in time on Saturdays, and maybe even Sundays, so your weekend is going to be different from the rest. So whether Friday marks the beginning of your work week, the end of it, or someplace in the middle, we hope you get to enjoy as much as possible.


One of the things about working weekends – whether it’s temporary, occasional, or the norm for you – is that the majority of the world does kind of wrap things up on Friday afternoons, so it’s hard not to want to participate in the typical weekend festivities. Movies, cocktails, sporting events, concerts…the list goes on. So what do you do when you have to show up well-rested and looking your best for work the morning after? Well, you cheat a little bit, that’s what.


We’ve been talking up the amazing Aveda dry shampoo for awhile now, and just this week during our Earth Month blogging extravaganza we were really excited to introduce dry shampoo’s partner in fabulous, dry conditioner. Between the two of them, this hardworking pair can help YOU shave a few minutes off your morning, so you can (potentially) grab a few extra precious minutes of sleep.


The videos below, from the official Aveda YouTube channel, provide a few easy to swing styles that require minimal time and effort, and absolutely no water at all. So this means you can skip the washing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing again, product application, heat styling, etc. etc. Just a few puffs of dry shampoo, followed by a few spritzes of dry conditioner are all it takes to present a well-coiffed you to your coworkers. And, as we all know, both products have the luscious, invigorating Shampure scent, so you’ll also smell amazing.

So take a look at these videos, and keep them in mind – and keep your dry shampoo and conditioner on hand – for any time you need a quick “Oh heck, I’m late!” hair refresh. 

And enjoy your weekend, however you’re planning on spending it, friends. Chat next week!

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