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Willow And Green Circle Salons…One Year Later…

If you think way, way back to this time (approximately) last year, you might remember the blog introducing you to Green Circle salons in this post from March: Willow Joins The Winner’s Circle and Teams Up With Green Circle Salons.


This was big news back in 2016. With Willow already doing our part to help preserve and conserve through standard community recycling, reducing, reusing, etc., the addition of becoming a Green Circle Salon amped up our efforts. And now, one year later, what do we have to show for it? Well… quite a lot, actually.


This is the mission of Green Circle Salons, as mentioned on their website:


Our Mission

We are a new company with a mission to make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020. We are doing this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, impactful. We believe that over time – and with the help of guests and employees – small steps to transform each salon will make green conversion possible and sustainable.


You can visit the Green Circle Salons website for more information about how they recycle or repurpose everything from hair to electronics, and to read how salons and their clients benefit.


Now back to Willow. Since our initial involvement with GCS, you’ve probably noticed the large bins at the back of the salon, near the sinks and mixing station. They are GCS branded, and this is where all the foils, colour tubes, etc. are placed for recycling. GCS representatives pick up the waste on a regular basis, which is great. And, the best part? They keep statistics.


Ok, the actual best part is that all this salon waste is diverted from landfill, but the stats are really nice, because they let us see, in a tangible way, what kind of a difference we are helping to make. The 2016 results are in, and they are pretty great! You may have seen this photo and caption on our social media pages, but we’re very proud, so we are going to share them here too!


We are so proud of our efforts in diverting our waste with the help of @greencirclesalons this past year! A total of 559 lbs of solid and liquid waste from the salon was responsibly recycled and repurposed! Including foils, hair, and colour. Thank you green circle for caring for our planet and keeping it beautiful 💪🏻🌏💧 #greencircle #greencirclesalons#aveda #recycle #green #begreen #avedacanada#hamont #dundas #willow


559 lbs. from Willow alone, with a grand total of 871,191 lbs. from salons across North America. These are impressive numbers!


When it comes to recycling, we’re pretty good at it in our households, it’s become second nature really, hasn’t it? We’ve all got blue boxes and bins, as well as green carts, and Hamilton even has those fantastic Community Recycling Centres where you can bring pretty much anything for proper disposal or recycling. And now, isn’t it nice to know that when you have your hair cut, coloured, highlighted, etc. you are still, along with Willow, helping to divert waste from landfill. If only all the businesses we frequented were as committed to sustainability.


So huge thanks to Green Circle Salons for their vision in making salons sustainable by 2020, and thanks to all of you for your role in this as well. Earth Month continues, and we still have our raffle, our Light the Way candles, and our Walk for Water is just a week away! And the great thing is that our relationship with GCS is dedicated to the earth not just for April, but for 12 months of the year, and ongoing. And THAT feels pretty great too.


Thanks for reading, friends. Enjoy the week, and we’ll be back with on Friday to wrap up Earth Month 2017.

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