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Aveda Introduces Pramāsana, Game Changer for a Healthy Scalp!

Sometimes it seems as though we are introducing a new Aveda product in nearly every blog post! Okay, it’s not that prolific a company, but at the same time, we can’t deny that Aveda has a LOT of new products on the go, and especially recently. Not that long ago, we introduced you to wedding day skin with Tulasara. Then we had the 411 on Aveda’s new Dry Conditioner – to go with the already fabulous Dry Shampoo, of course. And, before that we had the new Invati line, for thicker hair. Whew! It’s hard to keep up, but of course, as your trusty blogging team, we are doing our very best to make sure you are up to date with everything Aveda has to offer!


Admittedly, we have been a little bit preoccupied, what with Earth Month and the Walk for Water, and all of those good things, but now we are back and ready to bring you all the latest and greatest from Aveda, and so, along those lines, we are super excited to talk about another great new product with you today! So, let’s just dive right in!


Aveda brings hair and scalp care to the next level with Pramāsana.

This gorgeous trio includes a purifying scalp cleanser, protective scalp concentrate, and an exfoliating scalp brush, and combined they are a total game changer for your overworked and often underappreciated scalp.


The ritual starts with scalp brushing – not hair brushing mind you, although the two are kind of related – but the Living Aveda blog can tell us a bit more about what the scalp brushing is all about and what it can do for you:


“Scalp dry brushing (the cornerstone of the home treatment)—inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom—begins the cleansing process by exfoliating the scalp to help loosen build up and impurities. It also helps increase micro‐circulation. Used as part of the system, it is the first step in creating an optimal foundation for beautiful hair.”


You might be familiar with dry brushing for stimulating circulation blood flow. In fact, the dry brushing as part of the Tulasara skin regimen is a similar kind of thing, and all over body dry brushing can be extremely beneficial as well. Well, doing the same for your scalp can really start your day off right!


The Living Aveda blog goes on to give us the steps to a healthy scalp, and a blissful, relaxing ritual that will leave you invigorated:


  1. Brush through your hair to detangle.
  2. Take a deep conscious breath and focus on your breathing throughout the process.
  3. To stimulate the roots of your hair, brush from the hairline to the crown of the head in an upward motion. Repeat covering the entire scalp.
  4. Using a downward motion or arc, massage the entire right side of the scalp for 15 seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  5. Gently press the brush into the scalp starting from the back bristles of the brush moving the pressure to the front bristles in a rolling motion. Cover the entire scalp.
  6. Gently tap the brush on the scalp, covering the entire scalp.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? As in, don’t you just want to get started with that NOW?!?


If you do, we highly recommend getting yourself to Willow and starting your own Pramāsana routine. Sometimes the changing of the seasons can do a number on our skin and hair – and our scalp is no exception, since it comprises BOTH our skin and our hair! Now that it’s spring and we are seeing some warmer, more humid weather, and less dryness than say January, it might be a good time to treat your scalp to a treatment to help get rid of some of that winter dryness and build up, and head into the late spring early summer with a fantastically healthy and happy scalp.

Be sure to read more about Pramāsana on and watch the gorgeous video showing you the technique for scalp brushing.


Enjoy the week, everyone. We’ll be back on Friday as usual!


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