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Get Your Jeans On!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And welcome to May! We certainly had our fair share of April showers, and the resulting May flowers are looking pretty great! But, the showers – actually the torrential downpours – seem to be sticking around for a bit, but hopefully we’ll have some lovely warm and sunny springlike days before long. The May flowers are just so much more pleasant when we can appreciate them while staying dry!


And speaking of torrential downpours, your Willow team participated in Aveda’s Walk for Water today, amid a LOT of water. The weather just never seems to cooperate for this day – no matter when it’s scheduled! We will have more details and some great photos for you on Friday’s post, but today we’ve got the blues. And you can have them too. But don’t worry, it’s not sad, we’re actually talking about denim! And it’s one of the hottest trends this spring.


It seems like denim is always in style and has always been in style, and there is nothing wrong with that! It’s comfortable, versatile, and over the past several years has become more than just casual wear. This spring denim has gone even further to be revealed as one of the most fashionable fabrics going, and we’ve got some info to back that up!


Sometimes you’ll see that a specific cut for jeans is “in” for the season, but we are here to tell you that it seems anything – literally – goes for denim right now. We’ve got wide leg, cropped…even culottes are coming back…the list goes on. But don’t take our word for it, let’s hear from the pros:


Photo from PopSugar

The always trendy and on-trend PopSugar have Your Ultimate Guide to Spring’s Biggest Denim Trends and it’s definitely ultimate! Our PS friends tell us that this year it’s all about the finishing touches on your new – and maybe even your old – denim. Say yes to fringe, patches, embroidery, frayed hems…and a whole lot more! The 70s are back – you know, for those of us who remember them. *AHEM* Personalize your jeans, make them all about you. This is a fantastically fun trend!


Who What Wear also has a list of The 9 Denim Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year, and…WOW! Red denim (oooooh, yes please!), denim with pearls (!!!), dramatic flares (check out the pics, they are SO dramatic!) and more. 

Photo from Who What Wear


If you were on the fence about denim this year, there is a very good chance you’ll be leaning to the “yes” side of that fence and embracing your current jeans – albeit jazzed up a wee bit – or diving straight into some of the new styles currently available.


However you like your denim, we hope you get to wear it in some nicer weather soon! Fingers crossed the sun makes an appearance soon.


Have a great week, see you back here on Friday!

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