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Keeping Your Cool…In More Ways Than One!

If you’re looking for or thinking about ways to keep your cool this summer, we’ve got the perfect solution.


So far this week hasn’t been anything to write home about (as they say) when it comes to the weather, but we know the warmer temperatures are coming, the AC will get a workout, and we will all be looking for an escape from the heat.


Sometimes when it comes to cooling off, we just need a few calm minutes to regroup, refresh, recharge, and just breathe. Often our busy weeks and lives call for rushing around, running from one thing to the next, and no time to spare a thought to how we’re feeling – sometimes until it’s too late and the stress levels are high, and patience levels are low.


If you’ve ever found yourself in this kind of situation, you know that the heat doesn’t always help, and in fact can make everything even more uncomfortable. So what’s a busy southern Ontarian to do?


Enter Aveda’s Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate!


You are probably familiar with this lovely smelling oil that is one of the choices for your head massage when you visit Willow! It’s a really popular one – that peppermint though! It provides cooling, of course, but also you’ll likely notice an increased sense of awareness and invigoration. Menthol and blue chamomile are also in this amazing oil, giving us a boost of energy, and that gorgeous zesty aroma, that can help give us a new lease on life! Or, at the very least, feel like we can accomplish it all!


Fragrances can have that effect on us, and the cooling oil is one of the best out there.


It’s a convenient rollerball format – think of a roller ball perfume, or old school lipgloss – so it’s portable, meaning you CAN take it with you, for relief on the go!

Roll it onto sore muscles for relief, or anywhere, really,  to experience the invigorating aroma, for a little blast of energy throughout the day.


The Living Aveda blog gives us 7 Ways To Use Cooling Oil, and includes a couple you might never have thought of. Versatility? You bet.


So file this one away for cooling properties when the sun starts to beat down on us, or when a headache pays an uninvited call. Breathe it in, and bliss out. Sounds good to us!


Have a relaxing weekend, everyone. See you Tuesday!

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