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Rejoice! Get All The Twin Peaks Style You Need Now!

The long weekend has come and gone, and it seems that a lot of us spent a few hours in the bizarre world of David Lynch. If you’re old enough to remember the original Twin Peaks series, and perhaps the Twin Peaks film, you might have been one of those glued to the screen to see what Lynch would present to us 27 years later.


And actually, even if you aren’t old enough to remember it the first time around, you still might have been waiting patiently for the follow-up. Since its initial run of just two seasons, the show achieved a huge following, and so many television shows that came after owe a lot to the groundbreaking series. You can read more on Screen Rant with How Twin Peaks Inspired an Entire Generation of TV Shows.


And TV isn’t the only thing Twin Peaks inspired. Since the rumours began that Lynch was bringing the show back for a third season, there has been a revival in fashion and design, in an attempt to bring back that dreamy, can’t-quite-place-the-time feel, and adding more fuel to the show’s timeless appeal.


And, as a result, all our favourite fashion mags are pulling out the stops and giving the people what they want, which is all Twin Peaks, all the time. Here is our roundup!


Glamour has The Return of ‘Twin Peaks’ Has Us All Nostalgic For Its Early ’90s Fashion which explores the vintage vibe and feel you get from the town of Twin Peaks and its citizens who seem to live idyllic small town lives. Vogue follows suit with some of the show’s best fashion moments, and a short but smart piece from The Telegraph explains the constant appeal of the Twin Peaks style for designers, even to this day. 

Lara Flynn Boyle (character Donna Hayward), James Marshall (James Hurley), and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) in the original Twin Peaks. CREDIT: REX
Photo from The Telegraph


Because fashion magazines are what they are, not only can you get a dose of Twin Peaks-inspired looks, but they also show you how to achieve them on your own, which is always fun. And the nice thing about these looks is that they really are timeless, and therefore an investment in, say, a plaid skirt, sweater, and saddle shoes, is an investment for life. And your blogger’s inner Audrey is showing, it would seem.


If you’re into reading a bit more deeply about the show, its influence on everything from fashion to music, check out this article from HypeBeast called The David Lynch Effect. The show has, as we’ve discussed, broad appeal and reach, and HB sums it up pretty nicely. Another article, from The Conversation, gives us a look back at the show, and a look into its fashion and design. This quote tells us nearly everything we need to know:


“The look they created was simultaneously timeless, indicating the universality of American small-town life, and highly specific, conveying the distinctiveness of David Lynch’s vision. Twin Peaks’ style is both very recognisable and intensely strange, mapping on to coordinates of what we think we know, yet at the same time upsetting them.”


So there you have it! Are you watching? Will you watch? Let us know in the comments! And give us your favourite Twin Peaks fashion moment – past or present.


Have a great week, everyone!


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