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Sunday is Mother’s Day, and We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s Friiiiday again, everyone! And it’s a pretty special weekend we’re about to launch into too! Yes, it’s Mother’s Day weekend, and while the weather doesn’t really look like it’s going to be all that friendly (boo!) at least we’re mid-May and we can still celebrate all the mothers, come rain or shine!


If you’re a mother, or you know a mother, or you are a mother, we would like to wish you a very happy day from all of us at Willow and the Willow blog! We hope you have something very special planned to honour these women who give their all for their families.


Just as there are lots of ways to be a mother, there are also lots of ways to celebrate them too, and no two mothers are the same! Because that would be weird, right? So maybe your mom is a brunch and mimosa kind of person, and someone else’s mom likes beers and burgers. For every mother that is into jewelry and perfume, there is one that’s into tattoos and metal shows. OR MAYBE THERE’S SOME THAT ARE INTO ALL OF THOSE THINGS. The mind boggles, right??


The point we’re trying to make is that if you watch TV or look at magazine ads around this time of year, companies really try to make it out that all mothers like the same things. And that’s just not true. But you know who really knows what your mom likes? Probably YOU. And so we are here to help point you in the right direction for things to do on Mother’s Day weekend here in the Hamilton area. There’s something for everyone – or at least lots of people – and we hope there’s something there for you. And the mothers in your life.


Tourism Hamilton has a guide to this weekend’s events that include galleries, poetry, art, and theatre, for those who like to indulge in these kinds of cultural pursuits!


And speaking of art, tonight is Art Crawl, in case you want to get a jump on Mother’s Day and take mom out for a stroll down James St. North! Check out the James North Art Crawl page on Facebook for current happenings and what’s going on this month.


The Spectator has an online guide to family events for this weekend and beyond, that features plant sales, book and bake sales, storytimes, and…even bowling! Check out the activities and get involved if you’re looking for something fun and interesting.


Want to brave the elements and enjoy an afternoon on the water? The Hamilton Harbour Queen offers a Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise! The RBG also offers events for Mother’s Day including brunch and a tea.


And, of course, after all this, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest you get mom a gift of some sort and what better way to say how much she means to you than with the gift of great hair!? If you spend $100 on a gift card, you ALSO get a card for a free blowdry – so you and mom can BOTH have amazing hair! As well, of course there are also all the amazing Aveda products – for hair and skin and beyond – that make gorgeous gifts.


Well! Does that have you covered, friends? We kind of think it just might! So however you’re celebrating, we hope you get to do it in style, and doing what your mom – and you – love to do.


Happy Mother’s Day to all, enjoy the weekend, and we will see you back here on Tuesday. Big love, friends.

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