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Team Willow and the Annual Aveda Walk for Water!

Happy Friday, friends! Are you staying dry? That’s kind of a rhetorical question right now, isn’t it? It’s nearly impossible to stay dry, and getting harder all the time. We have a LOT of rain on the way, to add the the rain we’ve already had. And, jokes are one thing, but please do take care when you’re out and about. Walking, driving…it’s all treacherous when the rain continues to drive down like it’s been doing. And we also hope your homes and places of work stay dry too.


Today is May 5th, and it’s Friday, and it’s also the first Friday of the month which usually means a Friday Five. But this week, we’re going to shake things up a little bit, because we want to bring you the news (as promised) from Team Willow and their Walk for Water this past Monday. If you need a little refresher on the Aveda Walk for Water, have a little read of this:


“Celebrating its 11 years in May 2017, the Walk for Water will unite Water Warriors from 14 cities nationwide in a 6 km walk. 6 km is the average distance women and children walk everyday in rural, developing cities worldwide to collect water.”

So, bright and early Monday morning, your Willow team donned their raincoats, ponchos, wellies, and hats, and in the chilly morning rain, participated in the Walk for Water.


You know, we covered the walk last year on the blog and it rained. And this year…it also rained. And, to be honest? For as long as Willow has been involved in the walk…it has rained. They might want to start calling it the Walk IN Water, amirite?


Group shot!

Kidding aside, the weather might be damp and miserable, but spirits are always high, with lots of smiles and laughs as the teams meet down at the bayfront, and make their way to the finish line. Just look at these photos, to see what we mean! Love the big smiles and happy faces – the rain can’t prevent those, that’s for sure!

There was also the promise of tacos at The Mule post-walk, which seems like probably the greatest post-walk meal of all time…not to mention a few adult beverages…you know, to help take the chill off…of course…



It’s hard to believe Earth Month is over for another year, but while the focus may not be exclusively on the planet for the next eleven months, we can always keep our minds open for ways to continually conserve water, reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. Check out our past blog posts for tips, and continue to watch and, as well as other organizations that pledge to protect the environment and our earth. There is a lot we can do as individuals, and as communities, and it doesn’t – and it shouldn’t – have to stop on April 30th.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Think sunshine if you can! The rain can’t last forever, and sunny days will soon be back – hopefully in time for next Sunday’s big day. It’s Mother’s Day in just over a week, and you can be sure we’ll have lots of great ideas for you before then. Chat with you again on Tuesday, friends.

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