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Friday Five for June! Yes, June!

If you look back a year ago to the Willow Salon blog for late May and early June, you will likely see a whole lotta talk about HEAT. Remember? Last spring was INTENSE for heat. We were melting in May, and then June, then July….sensing a pattern? Definitely.


We’re not quite there yet, but isn’t it pleasant NOT to be sweating buckets? Oh, and by the way, it’s June now – just barely, of course – and since it’s the first weekend of June, Dundas will be filled to the brim all weekend long for Buskerfest! Get all the details on the official Buskerfest website! And, as always, a reminder that King St is usually off limits for the entire weekend, so please do take traffic rerouting and parking issues into consideration if you’re visiting us Friday or Saturday.


It’s also the first Friday of June, which means we once again have our Friday Five for you to enjoy!


We were pre-empted last month, so just as a little reminder, the Friday Five has us chatting with a Willow friend, team member, champion, colleague, etc. and asking them what they’re up to this weekend. We ask them the following:


  • One place they’re planning to go
  • One thing/outfit they’re planning to wear
  • One song that is moving them right now
  • One product that is their go-to for the weekend
  • And finally, one word that describes their approach to the upcoming weekend


This time we are talking to Amanda, owner of the lovely little spa that shares space with Willow. If you haven’t yet ventured beyond the back of the salon, please do consider a visit to Skin Savvy if you get a chance – it’s a gem within a gem, a business that fits in so nicely with Willow!


So tell us, Amanda, what’s up for you this weekend?


One place

Going to my daughter Ruby’s first dance recital. So excited and proud to see my tiny dancer onstage!


One outfit

A dress, which is a rare occurrence for me!


One song

Chainsmokers – Something Just Like This


One product

Dr. Renaud CC eye cream. With little sleep these days, this eye cream always makes me look refreshed and ready to go.


One word




Perfect! Thanks so much, Amanda, and best of luck to Ruby.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, enjoy whatever you’re planning to do, and please join us back here Tuesday for another Willow blog post! Cheers, and let the Chainsmokers help you kick off your weekend right here:


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