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Friday Smiles!

Can we just say…WHERE did this week go?!? Are you feeling the same way, that the week just FLEW by? Or are you in the “this is the longest week everrrrrr” camp? It varies, doesn’t it? And no two work or school weeks are ever the same! Sometimes you blink, and it’s Friday already, and other times? Well, you blink and it’s still Monday, and it feels like three weeks just to get to Wednesday. Those weeks, it must be said, are the worst weeks.


But we know for a fact that today is Friday and that in and of itself has got to make you smile. Even if your work week ends on Saturday (shouting out to our awesome Willow team right here) the end is in sight, and for the majority of us, the promise of two days (at least) off, is definitely something to smile about.


And smiling? Is key.


It’s true, what they say, that smiling can be beneficial to your mood. The mere act of putting on a smiling face can do wonders when you’re just not feeling it. It’s that whole fake it ‘til you make it thing, and to be quite honest, it really works. Of course if there are real, true issues that are preventing you from smiling – we’re talking grief, depression, etc. – smiling might help a bit, but it’s not going to change some of those deeply felt issues (And, friends, if you are dealing with something like this right now, we hope things get better for you quickly. That is real talk from us, your Willow blog team. xo)


But if you’re just having, what they call “A DAY”, and things are just not going your way,  slapping a smile on your face can work wonders. It not only feels good, it turns out it’s actually really good for you, too!


This article from Fast Company gives us some info:


“Why is a smile so powerful? It all comes down to how smiling can change your brain.

When you smile, your brain is aware of the activity and actually keeps track of it. The more you smile, the more effective you are at breaking the brain’s natural tendency to think negatively. If you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than it does negative ones.”


The article goes on to give us information about how a smile can help not only your mood, but your career too.


From the same article:


“Smiling doesn’t just benefit you on the inside. It also works to your advantage from the outside. A study from Penn State University found that people who smile appear to be more likeable, courteous. and even competent.”


Well look at that!


So give it a go if you can, friends. It’s a gorgeous day, it’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend. It’s time to smile. 

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One Comment

  1. Posted June 14, 2017 at 11:34 pm | Permalink

    Smiling and cold showers in the morning 😉

    P.S. Where did the first half of the year go?!

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