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Summer Arrives Tomorrow: Be Prepared!

Welcome back to Tuesday! We hope you had a fantastic weekend doing all the fun things you could possibly cram into a mere two days! Did you check out Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival? We saw a LOT of pics on social media of friends and family out and about and taking in the sights and sounds of that long running festival. Did you get to any Pride events? Perhaps the Soaring Spirits Festival in gorgeous Gage Park? Maybe it was all about Dad yesterday for Father’s Day. That storm that raged late yesterday afternoon would have put a damper on things, but overall the weather did cooperate for the myriad of outdoor activities that were happening this past weekend, so if you were out enjoying, soaking up the rays, there was lots of sunshine to go around.


And there was an awful lot going on in Hamilton this weekend too! When you consider that it’s not even technically summer yet, many of us have packed a summer’s worth of fun into a few short weekends. Just think what will be going on once we are fully embracing the season! And that season? It starts tomorrow!

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So, since this is Summer Solstice Eve (that’s a thing, right?) we thought we’d take a look at some ways to ring in the new season – that don’t necessarily require a trip to Stonehenge. Although, how cool would that be? And also, if you’re going, you’d better leave now, there’s not much time!


Refinery29 gives us a fun look at the solstice with their How to Make the Most of the Longest Day of the Year. This is kind of a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off take on the solstice, helping you to try and do as much as you can on the 21st. It would be great if we could all take the day off for fun,like Ferris did, but even if you can’t, take a look at their suggestions and see what might work for you. Sometimes even just a little acknowledgement of the special day can give you a an energy and an attitude boost. It’s summer after all!


Parents magazine gets in on the action with 10 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice With Your Kids. If you’re a parent – or you just really want to do some cool solstice crafts – check it out. Or, get some summer solstice party vibes and ideas from this recent Hamilton Spectator article.


June 21st is also National Aboriginal Day in Canada – in fact June in Canada is Aboriginal History Month – and you can learn more about this celebration of the history and culture of Canada’s first peoples on the official NADCanada website. Hamilton is participating in National Aboriginal Day with a ceremony and performances at City Hall tomorrow between 11am and 1pm.


So, once again, there is a LOT to celebrate this week! Doesn’t that seem to be a trend for the summer of ‘17? No shortage of things to do, no shortage of interesting events to take part in.


Wishing you all a lovely solstice tomorrow! Bring on summer!





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