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Thinking Outside the Ponytail

Good morning, we hope you’re enjoying your Friday so far! Have you checked the weekend forecast? It’s going to be HOT. No big surprise here, we’ve had quite the summer already – even before the official first day of summer – and the hazy, muggy weather continues. As always, we at the Willow blog embrace the heat of the summer, as best we can, and yet…what about our hair?!?


Ah, the popular refrain of anyone with hair! Long hair, short hair, medium length…it all seems like way too much hair whenever the temperatures rise. Fortunately for us, YouTube exists, and we can get all the updos, braid tutorials, and head wrap information we need. Seriously, what did we DO before random strangers on the internet helped us to deal with our hair?


The answer to that, of course, is that we talked to our lovely stylist! And we can still do that, of course! If you’re looking for ways to keep your tresses off your neck this summer, get tips next time you’re in your stylist’s chair. Between visits though, YouTube stars can be your best friends.


You can also check out the Aveda YouTube channel for hot weather hairstyles, and much, much more. We’ve regularly featured some of their great tutorials on the blog, and in one of those perfectly timed kind of moments, on Monday, Aveda uploaded another how-to video showing us a few fun and stylish ways to wear our hair, in order to shake things up, and keep it  (mostly) out of our way, and lasting in the heat.

The video illustrates three interesting takes on the average ponytail, with a bit of braiding thrown in for texture and interest, and it’s no accident that the two main products used to create these looks are Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo, and Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner. When the weather heats up the LAST thing we want to worry about is washing, conditioning and then blow drying our hair, so this tutorial is perfect. Use both these products on dry hair to go an extra day (at least) without the standard wash ritual, and keep your hair refreshed and hydrated at the same time. Finish with a little Air Control, and you’re in great shape for whatever you’ve got planned!


Enjoy the video and enjoy the weekend, friends. We’ll chat with you again on Tuesday!


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