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Top Five Product Picks For Your Long Weekend!

It’s finally here! It’s long weekend time, friends! *cue the fireworks, cold ones, BBQs and tunes*


Nothing beats a long weekend in the summer. An extra day to enjoy, and let’s keep fingers and toes crossed that the weather holds out for those festive fireworks, cookouts, bonfires, and all the other things that go along with our July 1st holiday weekend.


Are you headed out of town? Maybe off to a cottage or camping? Perhaps you are roadtripping someplace extra-Canadian like Ottawa? Rumour has it there’s a few things going on there for Canada’s birthday…


We are bending tradition a little bit here at the Willow blog, and bringing you an early Friday Five, but instead of five questions answered by someone we love, this week we are bringing you the Top Five Products to Get You Through the Long Weekend!

Whatever you have planned, there’s an Aveda product that can help see you through. So here we go!


Sun Care Protective Hair Veil


Number one in the sun!


We talk a LOT about sun protection for your hair on this blog, especially this time of year, but it really is important! You invest a lot in your hair, and the last thing you want is fading colour and highlights, dry, straw-like hair, and sun and wind damage. Spritz this on before heading out for fun in the sun to ensure your hair stays safe. You’ll thank us in the fall when your hair has retained its lustre and shine!


Lip Saver


Love your lips!


Like your hair, lips can dry out in the fresh air. Add pool or lake water to the mix, and that’s a recipe for dry, flaky, cracked lips. People often forget that lips can burn just like the rest of your skin, so it’s extra important to make sure they are moisturized AND protected with sunscreen of some sort. Sunscreen isn’t always the best at moisturizing, so that’s where Aveda’s gorgeous Lip Saver can, well, save your lips! Nourishing and moisturizing, it’s the perfect addition to your beach bag or purse when you’re spending time outside.


Uruku Bronzer


Bring out your natural glow!


Once the weather heats up, many of us try to reduce the number of products we use on our faces. Hot weather = paring down the makeup regimen where possible, and particularly when we are planning on some backyard chilling, patio sitting, cottage fun… you name it. Sunscreen is a MUST of course, but if you’re just down to add a little glow to your smiling face, bronzer can be your best friend. Uruku bronzer comes it two different shades, one for fairish skin, and one for darker complexions. Brush a little where you want to glow, without feeling like there’s an extra layer that weighs you down. Sun-kissed cheeks can be yours – without the sun!


Be Curly Co-Wash


TLC for your curls!


If you typically straighten out your curls on a day to day basis, when the heat and humidity get to be too much, you might be the kind of person to just let those curls do their thing. Aveda’s Be Curly line of products can help you do just that, and the Be Curly Co-Wash is the perfect summer companion. Sand, salt, water, wind, dust and sun can do a number on your hair, and Co-Wash lets you condition and remove build-up, while also gently cleansing your scalp. Let your hair dry naturally, and your curls will thank you.


Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener


Fight frizz!


Maybe you don’t want to put in the effort to blow dry and straighten your hair on the weekend, but you still want to make sure your locks are frizz-free and shiny. Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener can give you all of that, no problem! Shiny, smooth hair, reduced fly-aways and frizz, no drama…it’s just what your long weekend needs.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Remember that Willow is closed Saturday for Canada Day, and will reopen on Tuesday morning as usual. And we’ll be back then with another blog post too! Cheers!

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