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When Canada was Groovy: Expo 67 Style

 We are drawing ever nearer to the main event for the summer of 2017, the one many of us have been waiting for, the chance to wear our red and white with wild abandon. That’s right, July 1st marks Canada at 150, and there is a LOT going on across this country to celebrate, to reflect, to imagine, and to – we hope – push to make some much-needed amends, and to bring the country back to the forefront of the world for another 150 years…and then some!


The last time Canada had as big a party was probably 1967, when it hit 100 years, and now, 50 years later, it’s time to do it all over again.


Times have changed, there is no doubt about that. The summer of ‘67 was the summer of love, and the world was loving Canada – especially in Montreal. Expo 67, which ran from April through to October of 1967 invited the world to Montreal, and the world came. In droves. Space age architecture, futuristic-looking pavilions and out-of-this-world fashions combined to create one of the grooviest birthday parties the country would ever see.

Too young to have been to Expo? Too young to have even known what the heck it was? Well thankfully, the internet can help you relive (or live for the first time) all the glory that was Expo 67.


Expos are by and large huge celebrations of a country’s and the world’s accomplishments, but they also take a look into the future, and with the world heavily invested in space exploration, and looking towards the moon landing (a mere two years later) it’s no wonder everything at Expo 67 was ultra-modern and shiny and technological!


Montreal’s McCord Museum has a fantastic exhibition running currently called Fashioning Expo 67, and it is glorious. If you’re making your way to Montreal over the next few months, it comes highly recommended, but you can also take a look at their website and get a feel for it from the comfort of your own computer.


If you want even more about Expo, the CBC Digital Archives has some great audio and video footage of the building of the park, interviews with some of the designers, as well as as the official opening ceremonies.

But back to the fashion! Some of the grooviest and coolest outfits you’re ever going to see graced the highways and byways of Expo 67 and Montreal during that time, and what a time it must have been. And, with Canada Day just a few days away, it kind of makes you want to up your Canada 150 fashion choices, doesn’t it?


Check out any of the links or even just search Expo 67 Fashion for some absolute gems. You’ve always been great, Canada. But you just might never be quite that rad again.


Enjoy the week, friends! Here’s hoping your Canada 150 plans get sorted, and if you’re dressing to kill, make sure you send us some photos! See you Friday!

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