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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Summer Continues…What’s Up, August?

We’re here at the final weekend of July, with August just around the corner, coming at us on Tuesday. We hope your summer continues to be excellent, that you’re getting to do all the summertime things you’d hoped you would, and going to all the summertime places you possibly can. Whether that’s north to enjoy…

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Tuesday Trends: The Bold and the Beautiful

When you think summertime makeup, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? We’re probably safe in saying it’s not “pile as much makeup on as I possibly can” is it? For summer, those of us who wear makeup on the regular do tend to lighten it up a bit. It makes sense to…

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Aveda’s Invati for Men

Good morning and welcome to Friday!   Today on the blog, we’re focusing on men. Well, men’s hair, anyway.   We spend a lot of time writing and posting about women’s hair – styles, care, trends, etc. – so once in awhile it’s good to switch gears and talk about what’s going on with men’s…

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Transport Your Senses With Aveda’s NEW Pure-Fume Hair Mists!

Happy Tuesday! We’re glad you’re back to join us here on the blog. It’s hard to believe, but we are more than halfway through July, friends. And at the halfway point, it’s always good to check in. So. How’s your summer going so far? We’ve had some…well…odd weather, you could say. Definitely lots of rain,…

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Weekend Hair DIY

Welcome to the (almost) weekend, friends!   Do you have plans? Not sure what to do this weekend? As always, the Tourism Hamilton website can provide! Their events calendar offers a number of fun ideas for staying busy this weekend, and throughout the summer.   Summer events almost always involve being outside, and why not!…

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Got Stress? Help For Reducing Stress and Taking Charge of Your Brain

Got stress?   It might seem odd to be talking about stress in the summer. Isn’t summer supposed to be all about rest and relaxation? Enjoying the weather on patios and in parks and beaches? Chilling out while on vacation? Well, sure. But unless you’re a person who is completely and 100% free of responsibilities…

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A Friday Five and a Farewell

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome back to another edition of the Friday Five!   This is a particularly bittersweet FF for us at Willow Salon. You know that we like to feature not only the members of our salon team for this fun, monthly event, but we also like to give it over to some…

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Summertime and Nostalgia: The Perfect Pair!

What is it about summertime that brings out all the nostalgia? Is it because we, when we’re young, have a lot of free time in the summer? So maybe we have fonder memories – potentially – than we do of our school days? Think about it. Summer days seem to stretch out forever when you’re…

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