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A Friday Five and a Farewell

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome back to another edition of the Friday Five!


This is a particularly bittersweet FF for us at Willow Salon. You know that we like to feature not only the members of our salon team for this fun, monthly event, but we also like to give it over to some guests periodically. Most of the time it’s friends and champions of Willow, people we know and love, some of the movers and shakers of the Greater Hamilton Area. This week we are featuring the wonderfully talented Dundas photographer Travis Singleton, because he’s always been a huge supporter not only of Willow, but of the area in general, and Dundas in particular.


If you haven’t actually met Travis, you’ve probably seen his work. Photos of the historic buildings of Dundas, of the main drag, the green spaces, and the festivals. Playing with light and shadow for some of the most moody and beautiful photos of the places we love, and the places we live.


We’ve enjoyed Travis’s photographic take on the beauty of Hamilton, Dundas, and the surrounding areas, and the bittersweet feeling mentioned above comes into play now because it isn’t long before Travis is leaving this area and moving with his family to Nova Scotia.


So, to send him off, we thought we would get him to do a Friday Five for us. And of course, this isn’t the end, you can continue to see Travis’s work on his Facebook page, via Twitter and Instagram, AND you can now purchase his book! Welcome to Downtown Dundas is now available, and is described like this:


“Take a photographic stroll through Dundas’s quiet tree-lined streets and experience the unique charm and ambiance of this small historic town. From the historic 19th century buildings to arts, culture and quaint restaurants, specialty shops and food emporiums, all nestled in the heart of picturesque Valley Town.”


And now, without further delay, here is this month’s Friday Five, courtesy of Travis:


One place:

My favourite place is out early in the morning to shoot photography at Sunrise. But I’m also moving back to Nova Scotia in the first week in August.


One Outfit:

Shorts. Anything with shorts. I love to live in shorts from as early in spring until as late in fall as possible.


One Song

I usually prefer the quiet but when I do listen to music it’s usually Joe Satriani.


One Product:

I’m pretty minimal with Product use but I do use Aveda Men’s grooming clay for my hair.


One Word:

“Photo”. I’m always carrying around my camera. Photography is an obsession.


Thanks so much, Travis. Not just for the Friday Five, but for sharing your talents with us for the past few years. We wish you the greatest success and happiness in NS, and we look forward to many more photos to come!


Have a great weekend, everyone. And let’s kick it off with something from Travis’s go-to, Joe Satriani. For a weekend in July, this one seems appropriate. Enjoy!


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  1. Phyllis Kraemer
    Posted July 7, 2017 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Good Morning to you!!

    Loved the Friday Five on Travis…he is one gentle gem of a person…and is going to be missed more than he could ever imagine! I imagine that we’ll fall in love with whatever town they settle in on the east coast…unless of course…we kidnap him! Thanks for posting this Kim…absolutely wonderful!!


  2. Cyndy
    Posted July 7, 2017 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    Travis… waiting for ya on the other side buddy!

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