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Got Stress? Help For Reducing Stress and Taking Charge of Your Brain

Got stress?


It might seem odd to be talking about stress in the summer. Isn’t summer supposed to be all about rest and relaxation? Enjoying the weather on patios and in parks and beaches? Chilling out while on vacation? Well, sure. But unless you’re a person who is completely and 100% free of responsibilities (and few among us truly are) there will always be some stress in our lives. Aveda knows this, and that’s why the gorgeous Stress-Fix line of products came into being in the first place. Breathe in the Stress-Fix aroma, and feel yourself relax.


Now, some stress will always be necessary, of course. According to this recent article from Fast Company, stress – the work-related kind in particular – can actually be good for you. Yeah, sorry.


There will always be times where we feel we do have control, we do have that balance, where the stress in our lives hasn’t quite tipped over to the extreme situations. But often, due to things outside our control, stress can get the better of us, and we can suffer: in mood, in our health, in our relationships. The key, then, is to manage the stress before it gets to that critical point, and luckily for us, because it’s 2017 and technology seems to be able to provide pretty much everything we need…yes, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are likely dozens of apps, websites, settings on our phones…and, for the lower-tech among us, even books that can help. (Seriously, just do a keyword search for “stress” in any public library catalogue, and you’ll get hundreds of results for books on beating or at least taming stress.)


Learning how to manage the stress in our lives is a fantastic skill to have, and when you can take some of those mindful practices on the road with you in app form, it makes it even more convenient. Popular apps like Calm, Aura, or Headspace give us easy-to-follow mindfulness practices for about three minutes at a time. This is enough time to help you regain control of your breathing and your mind, and yet three minutes is really very little time out of your busy day.


If you have more time – or you’re willing to make more time – websites like Unified Mindfulness or the resources available through Mindfulness Hamilton offer more in-depth mindfulness and stress-relief courses, classes, and reading material that can help you find that perfect balance.


The goal isn’t a completely blissed out, consistently stress-free life and lifestyle – few of us will likely get there, to be honest. The goal is really just to help us take charge of our stress by giving ourselves a few minutes a day to focus less on that, and more on breathing, relaxing, and being mindful.


So whether it’s a soak in a tub with Stress-Fix soaking salts or a three-minute mindfulness session with your phone – or a combination of both – we hope we’ve got you thinking about ways to combat stress, and regain control of your brain.


Enjoy the week, friends. May it be a stress-reduced one for you. See you Friday!


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