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Summertime and Nostalgia: The Perfect Pair!

What is it about summertime that brings out all the nostalgia? Is it because we, when we’re young, have a lot of free time in the summer? So maybe we have fonder memories – potentially – than we do of our school days? Think about it. Summer days seem to stretch out forever when you’re a kid. If you got up early enough, you had the longest days possible, and even if you were lucky you got to stay out even after it got dark, after the streetlights came on. It was summer, after all. No school, no real responsibilities…until it was time to get that summer job, but since child labour laws are and were in effect, we were free and clear at least for the first few summers!


Once you’re old enough to have a summer job, summer changed quite a bit, at least with a part-time job, there’s money coming in, so it became even more special. Now you could spend your own money on the latest music, the latest clothing trends…you get the picture!

So when we get nostalgic for our youth – whichever decade best represented our youth – chances are we think of summer fun. That’s why this article from PopSugar that highlights the best of the trends from the 80s and 90s sends us straight back to the summers of ‘85, ‘94, etc. Find your fave year in your fave decade, and reminisce!

UpRoxx also gives us the goods on the return of the 90s with this fun look at trends of days gone by: 90s Fashion Trends


And, not to worry! If your nostalgia for a decade creeps back a bit further, back into the 1970s, there are trends that await you too! Some of these, from Odyssey Online, continue to be all the rage, and others are slowly but surely making a comeback. Love it or not, that’s how fashion goes!

So think back fondly to the summers of your youth and how it felt to be carefree and all about the trends. And then, if you want to, bring those babies back! Summer is the perfect time for fun and nostalgia, so why not?

Have a favourite trend from a favourite decade? Let us know in the comments! Extra points for photos – either current ones or retro!

Have a great week, everyone. See you back here on Friday for the July edition of the Friday Five!


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