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Transport Your Senses With Aveda’s NEW Pure-Fume Hair Mists!

Happy Tuesday! We’re glad you’re back to join us here on the blog. It’s hard to believe, but we are more than halfway through July, friends. And at the halfway point, it’s always good to check in. So. How’s your summer going so far? We’ve had some…well…odd weather, you could say. Definitely lots of rain, but the positive spin on that is of course that we’re not having to constantly water our lawns and gardens, thus saving ourselves some time, and allowing Mother Nature to foot the water bill for a bit.


One thing the rain can also do though, is increase the mugginess in the air, and hoo boy have we had that going on lately. Those days where you’re just walking a block or two and you’re not hot per se, in fact you might even feel a bit of a coolish breeze, yet you’re sweating. Profusely. It’s weird, but that is, of course, summer in this part of the country. Get your sweat on, and there’s not much we can do about it.


If you attend any of the local outdoor summer festivals, one of the cool (literally) features we’ve seen in the last year or two are cooling stations. Often large tents or even blow-up structures similar to a kids’ bouncy castle that provide a cooling mist for participants who might be overheating. It’s a nice touch, especially for kids who often don’t realize that they’ve overheated, or for elderly visitors who may not be able to cope as well in the afternoon heat. Walk through the light refreshing mist with your water bottle and refresh and recharge in order to get back to enjoying the summer sunshine.


Right now we are NOT going to focus on what that lovely soft cooling mist might do to our hair BUT we are going to introduce you to another type of mist that IS good for the hair and, like all Aveda products, also good for the soul.


Aveda is excited to introduce Pure-Fume Hair Mist, a light, weightless, gorgeous mist to spray on hair that adds softness and shine, and transports your senses, allowing you to experience beautiful fragrance whenever you like.


There are three mists to choose from: Mihana evokes the spices and citrus fruits of Japan’s gardens and forests; the fragrance of Marassona is inspired by the lush forests and the coastline of Brazil, and includes notes of neroli and ylang ylang. Finally, Alanara takes us to the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East with pure organic rose and sandalwood.

Simply spray onto hair for an ultra-fine mist that won’t weigh down your hair, but will take you on a sensual – or, as the description on tells us – a scentual journey.


What could be better than taking the beautiful Pure-Fumes of Aveda that you know and love and misting them onto your hair for an all-day burst of aromatherapy? Just another wonderful way to #SmellLikeAveda.


Watch for Pure-Fume Hair Mists coming soon to the shelves at Willow! Choose your favourite, and take your hair – and your senses – on a beautiful summer journey.


And, of course, we’ll be back here on Friday to help you kick off your weekend. See you then, friends.

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