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Tuesday Trends: The Bold and the Beautiful

When you think summertime makeup, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? We’re probably safe in saying it’s not “pile as much makeup on as I possibly can” is it? For summer, those of us who wear makeup on the regular do tend to lighten it up a bit. It makes sense to avoid a lot of layers where possible, especially since you’re also probably applying sunscreen prior to any kind of makeup steps, right? RIGHT? Ok good. Sunscreen, we all know, is pretty important year round (the sun IS always with us, isn’t it?) but during summer when we here in this part of the world get the most hours of sunlight, and when we spend (potentially) the most amount of time outside, we need to be extra vigilant in making sure we are sunscreened daily.


But back to makeup. If you’re already doing sunscreen, or maybe you’re using a foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF (always a good call) and perhaps a dusting of bronzer or some kind of light, sunkissed-looking blush, you might think that is ENOUGH when it’s hot. And you’re probably right! However…


Sometimes you just have to go for it. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up – and summer is often FULL of those – you are going to want to step your makeup game up a wee bit, and you know what is a good area to focus on? Your eyes, that’s what!

Go bold with this amaaaaaazing (not enough As, honestly) purple trend featured on PopSugar! When summer seems to call for soft pinks, corals, and a hint of bronze, shake it ALL UP with some of the hottest purply hues out there. We are not so sure about the word Smurple (a combination of Smoky + Purple) but we can totally get on board with that fab colour scheme. Guaranteed to turn heads.


Harper’s Bazaar has three great looks for summertime eye makeup: tri-liner, inner highlight, and pink smoky…oh my! Find the details here and take your eye makeup to the next level. Something about that navy/aqua/gold combo in the tri-liner look just makes us say YESSSSSS! Very summery, very chic, and very, very on trend.

And, just so you know, we can hear you, worried about the ol’ “what about the sweat???” so we’ve also included The 10 Best Eye Primers for Oily Lids and now you don’t have to worry. We got you, friends.


Have a great week, everyone. Chat again on Friday!


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