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Weekend Hair DIY

Welcome to the (almost) weekend, friends!


Do you have plans? Not sure what to do this weekend? As always, the Tourism Hamilton website can provide! Their events calendar offers a number of fun ideas for staying busy this weekend, and throughout the summer.


Summer events almost always involve being outside, and why not! We’ve had a few days of what event planners call inclement weather, which puts a damper (haha, get it?) on outdoorsy-type plans, but overall we’ve been fairly lucky so far this summer.


If you’re spending time outside this weekend – maybe you’re checking out the Because Beer festival, or taking in the Ti-Cats game – you might be asking yourself that age-old summertime question: But what about my hair?!


If you find yourself asking that question more than once throughout the course of the summer months, you might want to get familiar with’s Hair How-Tos page. This page with videos and tips can be your best friend when you are just absolutely stuck and about to throw in the towel because you just don’t know what to do with that hair of yours.


Short, easy-to-follow videos that show you how to create everything from a messy bun, to a variety of curls, to fun summertime braids, are always available on the Hair How-To page, and Aveda is adding to this video collection all the time.


Find your go-to, or try on different styles depending on what your plans are!


The videos also tell you which Aveda products are needed to create each style, meaning you can get organized ahead of time, so you’ve always got your products on hand. And, you’ll know which ones to pick up next time you’re at Willow!


So if you’re really stuck for hair ideas, take a few minutes and watch the videos. You’ll likely find one or two (or maybe a dozen!) to inspire you, and keep you from getting frustrated with your hair and just throwing it into a ponytail all summer, or plunking a hat down on your head! (To be clear, we are all for hats and ponytails, but we also know they can get downright dull if we’re using those as our go-to all summer long.)


And who knows? After watching the videos you might even be inspired to develop your own twist on one of the styles, or come up with something completely your own! Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to get creative.


Have a great weekend, everyone! See you back here on Tuesday!

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