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Colour Obsessed

It’s time for some Friday fun, friends!


Now, you know that we are nearly at the halfway point of August (sorry to be the bearer of this news) and – and, well, there’s no easy way to say this – you might also have heard the Back to School ads on the radio, seen the signs in the stores and the malls, and flipped through the flyers with their chalkboard graphics, beaming children, and gleaming backpacks. So yes, we are making our way toward the beginning of the end of summer. Not the very end, of course, there is still a LOT of summer left! But reality is setting in and you are perhaps starting to make some fall plans…sad but true.


But remember, it’s not over yet! And, if you need to be dragged kicking and screaming from summer (as many of us do) we have just the information for you today that can help to keep some of that summer sizzle alive and well.


First up: Rihanna.


Seriously, have you SEEN those pics? Her Instagram has some fantastic ones, and every major fashion and beauty mag and news outlet seems to have picked them up because WOW. That gorgeous turquoise/blue/teal hair is giving us LIFE! Not to mention the bejeweled bikini and amazing head dress, the body jewels and the makeup…we could go on, honestly. Now THAT look says Endless Summer, and it’s one of her best ever, in our not-so-humble opinion!


Next: Matchin’ your Mani to Meat


Um, what? Well, according to PopSugar, and lots of Instagrammers, the standard photos of your manicure next to the polish bottle are sooooo 2016. These days the best “artistes” are just using whatever household objects best represent their colour, and the results are pretty funny. You know, why NOT match your mani to a slice of deli meat? Or a Pepsi bottle? So much more relatable!


Hopefully, these little bursts of colour help get you through the dog days and keep the summer vibe alive for a little bit longer. We know that September’s arrival is inevitable, but hey, you know what THAT means? Three words: Summer Blowout Sales. Watch for them and get the deals while you can, while summer stuff is still on the shelves!


Happy weekend, friends! See you Tuesday!


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