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Festival Style Inspo: Gearing Up for Cactus Festival Weekend!

We’re back for another week of blogging about the best of the summer…and maybe with a tiny bit of fall prep thrown in for good measure. Hey, it’s bound to happen, right? It is getting to be that time of the year


For now, though, we want to help get you prepped for the big weekend! That’s right, it’s Cactus Festival time, friends! The biggest party in Dundas returns this weekend, beginning with the Thursday evening parade, and going straight through until Sunday! The entire core is one big pedestrian thoroughfare, with vendors, bands, food, a midway, and so very much more!


Not familiar with the Cactus Festival? Or want to know exactly why Dundas has a Cactus Festival? Look no further than the fantastic festival website for all the info and details including the schedule of live entertainment, and a handy map for finding your way around.


So that’s all great, of course, but we know that it just wouldn’t be the Willow Salon blog if we didn’t give you some fab pointers on festival attendance, would it? And so the big question is…what the heck are you going to wear?!


We’ve got you covered with a nice little roundup of festival style and fashion. Now sure, some of these are really big festivals like Lollapalooza, but hey, who is to say you can’t take those hot looks and translate them to downtown Dundas for the weekend? Nobody, that’s who!


InStyle gives us the goods with their Festival Fashion 2017: The Cool Girl’s Guide on What to Wear. Granted a LOT of these looks are the equivalent of a week’s salary for us regular types, but it’s always good to get a look at what’s hot, and then make it your own – affordably!


Vibe has a short but sweet gallery of some great Lollapalooza styles, and you can also take a look at what the cool kids were wearing at in Montreal for Osheaga too, courtesy of Fashion Magazine.


Finally, NYLON shows us what people wore to NYC’s relatively new Panorama Music Festival, and the results might be some of the best festival fashion out there. Period.


Like most festivals or any large gathering, there is going to be lots of variation, lots of new takes on old favourites, and just lots of people doing their own thing. Taking what you see and making it your own is the best possible style guide, honestly.


So if you’re taking in Cactus Festival this weekend, and you’re keen to strut your stuff, show us YOUR festival style! Leave us a comment with a link to your social media so we can see what’s all the rage – Southern Ontario festival style!


Have a great week, friends! Talk to you again on Friday!

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