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Friday Inspiration with Aveda’s Founder

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone!


It’s the last weekend of August, can you believe it? We’re seeing all the signs of the onset of fall, though: cool, crisp mornings, Back-to-School sales in the stores, a few little leaves here and there falling in the streets… Sorry to have to break it to you, friends.


Although, for every person who is sorry to see summer go, there are probably at least one or two that are excited to welcome sweater season back to the fold. September always does feel like the start of something – even when you’re not heading back to school – and a fresh start can make all the difference.


Today we’re looking at a fresh start of a different sort, but one that is near and dear to the heart of Willow.


This new video, from Aveda’s YouTube channel, features Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher, and talks about his commitment to the natural world, and his reputation as a lifelong student of everything:


“Horst Rechelbacher founded Aveda in 1978 with a love for the simple beauty of nature and a passion and commitment to caring for the world we live in.


Horst, a hairstylist by trade came to live and work in Minneapolis, Minnesota after starting a career as a celebrity stylist and salon owner. After a trip to India, where he studied Ayurveda, Horst began to create the products that would become some of Aveda’s most beloved classics. Horst believed natural herbs and essential oils could affect your mind, body, and spirit and connect you to the earth, and he founded Aveda with the goal of creating beauty products inspired by the healing elements found in flowers and nature.


Throughout his life, Horst spread a message of love and caring, both for others and for the world around us. He encouraged many to take notice of their environmental and social impact, and to make a difference when you could. Since its founding, and partially in thanks to Horst’s tireless activism, Aveda has grown to a global empire with the same dedication to beauty from nature and sustainability.”

The video is an absolutely lovely tribute to the man and his mission.


You can also read more about Horst and his passion on the Living Aveda blog.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Let Horst’s message encourage and inspire you for fresh starts, new beginnings, and everyday living. See you back here on Tuesday!


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