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Giving You Some Lip About National Lipstick Day

Good morning, friends. We would like to issue an official apology for something that we’ve done – or rather that we haven’t done – here on the blog. Somehow, one of the most important days of the year has come and gone, without your Willow blog even recognizing it. Yes, it’s true: we managed to let National Lipstick Day pass without any acknowledgment! Aaargh!


Now, after that dramatic introduction, we’d like to also say that National Lipstick Day isn’t exactly a high holiday in the year – YET. And, if you’re looking at sources like Refinery29, you’ll see that they even go so far as to call it a made-up holiday. And fair enough, you’re not likely to see National Lipstick Day listed on the calendar between Canada Day and the Civic Holiday, but still. What a great reason to celebrate! The Refinery29 article talks about MAC and their free lipstick giveaway in honour of NLD, so for not giving our readers the heads up about this, we do apologize. Although, we still haven’t been able to learn if this is a US-only deal (as those things sometimes are) or if we here in Canada were also eligible to take advantage of the MAC generosity. If you know, please fill us in so we can ensure that we make a note on OUR calendar at least, for National Lipstick Day 2018!

But even though we missed the actual official DAY, we can still celebrate all things lippy! We tend to focus quite a bit here on the blog on Aveda’s hair and skin care products – and with good reason, of course. But Aveda has some really great makeup options as well, and their lip products are nothing short of outstanding. So let’s take a little trip through lip colour and care!


Beginning with the Nourish-Mint line of lip colours, Aveda has the original smoothing lip colour and the sheer mineral lip colour. Between the two, they offer nearly two dozen gorgeous shades for intense moisturizing and subtle plumping – that’s where the “nourish” part comes in!


You can also get high shine and gorgeous colour with the Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze, and serious hydration with Nourish-Mint Renewing Lip Treatment.

We also can’t forget the Nourish-Mint Lip Shine in six sheer, lovely shades. Lip Shine goes on like a gloss, but without that overly sticky feel we tend to associate with lip gloss. And all of these, of course, contain the revitalizing aroma and feel of organic mint. Hence the name Nourish-Mint! Aha! Now it all makes sense.


And, even though we’re late to the National Lipstick Day game, we encourage you, the next time you’re in Willow and taking some time to browse the products, to hit up the makeup station for what we hope might become your new favourite lip colour!


Have a great week, everyone! Happy lipstick shopping AND even happier lipstick wearing!

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