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Hot Colour Trend Alert!

Welcome back to Tuesday, and another round of Tuesday Trends!


Sometimes when you think about the trends for a season, they seem to come out of nowhere. One minute everything is going along as usual, and then BAM! Everyone is wearing thigh-high boots. Or carrying a bucket bag. Or clad in head to toe denim. Or…well, anything, really.


What we tend to forget is that the higher ups in the world of fashion actually do predict these trends that we suddenly start to see. It’s just that they do it nearly a year in advance, and so most of us – because we have other things to think about – forget. So while it seems that these trends spring up overnight, they are actually many months in the making.


So, in the spirit of overnight-yet-not trends, let’s talk about something that we’ll start seeing soon. And if we’re really paying attention, we might even be able to spot it in the wild before our friends and family, and THEN who is the trendsetter?!


ELLE told us about it back at the end of February, and later in March WWD featured it as a huge trend for the fall. Also in March, Vogue made a big splash with it, so honestly, we can’t say we weren’t warned! But, as mentioned above, a lot of us look at the predictions and think “Oh nice!” and then promptly forget them, until now. Now, when we’re starting to look toward fall and potentially amping up our wardrobe. Now we can start to see that yes, that trend toward that colour really IS everywhere. And that colour? Is red.

AG RTW fall 2017
Image from WWD

We tend to think of red for the holidays, don’t we? But it can be so great in the fall too! Look at some of those red coats, and just think how great they’ll look when the greyness of November starts to seep in. Red is cheery and bright, and there are so many great shades it’s easy to find yours.


Maybe you’re hesitant to fully embrace the red – for a suit or a dress or coat – but maybe you’d feel comfortable in something red to accessorize, like a hat or a belt or a pair of gloves? Keep an eye out for red EVERYTHING this season, including this fantastic list of red bags from PurseBlog are some of the most droolworthy we’ve ever seen! Also, as a little aside, we just learned about PurseBlog and we are OBSESSED with this extremely well-done site devoted to bags and purses. If you are a handbag fan, you’ll love it too.


So who’s ready to see red this fall? Start with a pop of colour, or dive straight in with a full-on red wardrobe indulgence, it’s up to you!

Image from PurseBlog

Enjoy the week, everyone! See you back here on Friday.


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