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Parched summer skin? Help is on the way!

Good morning, and welcome to the week! We hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. The weather cooperated, and there was no shortage of fun things to do the past few days. Did you check out Festival of Friends on its triumphant return to Gage Park? By all accounts, it was a successful weekend for the ol’ festival, which was great to hear.


Now that we’re deep into summer – kicking off the second week of August already, how is THAT possible?! – you might be finding that the great outdoors if you’re lucky enough to be able to spend time outside, might be doing a number on your skin. And this time, for a change, we’re not talking specifically about sunscreen! Of course, we hope that you’re using it – whether it’s sunscreen on its own, or makeup/lotion with some SPF. But mostly today we want to talk about some of the other things that can interfere with glowing, gorgeous skin. And then, of course, what to do about it!


We know that the sun can cause damage, which is why we spend so much time encouraging the use of sunscreen, but if you’re an outdoorsy type of person, you probably also know that wind, pollution, dust, etc. can all do a number on your skin. And yes, even sunscreen itself can affect how your skin looks and feels.


If you’re starting to notice a bit of a dullness to your skin around this time of the summer, you’re not alone. Your skin – especially your face – puts up with a lot all year round, of course, but the majority of the bombardment seems to start in late spring when we all emerge from our self-imposed hibernation, and hit the patios, the golf courses, the beaches, the parks…all the out of doors places that humans like to congregate!


This is why – and it’s all been leading up to this – Aveda has chosen this month to introduce their brand new Tulasāra Renew Morning Creme, the help combat the elements, and bring out the true beauty of your skin.

From the Aveda Canada website:


Instantly renew the look of your skin to face the day—every day. Inspired by morning renewal in Ayurveda, Tulasāra™renew morning creme is a powerful 97% naturally derived* soft creme that instantly brightens, smooths fine, dry lines and helps strengthen skin’s defenses against environmental aggressors before starting the day.

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.


Think about it: instant brightening and smoothing AND the added bonus of protection against those skin-unfriendly environmental issues we were talking about earlier. And, over time, it can help even out skin tone, reduce dark spots or skin discolouration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This could be the product we’ve all been waiting for!


Tulasāra renew morning creme will be available at Willow very soon, and until then you can check out to read more about its fabulous properties, ingredients, and usage.


So when the elements have caught up to you and your skin in this mid- to late-summer era, don’t despair! Help is here – or at least it will be soon – and having a plan is half the battle.


Have a wonderful week, everyone. We’ll be back to chat with you on Friday!


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