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Willow News: A New Addition!

Happy Friday everyone!


How is the week going? Making plans to hit up the festival this weekend? Fingers crossed the weather holds for all the festivities. Nothing worse than a rainy outdoor festival weekend, although we always seem to make the best of it, don’t we? That’s the way! When summer is fleeting, we have to try to squeeze as much out of it as we can!


Today we’re talking not just about the weather and the goings on in Dundas, but we’d also like to draw your attention to something else. It’s Dundas-related as well, and about to be a new addition to Willow! No, not a new team member this time, but something unique and exciting to add to Willow’s charm. Any guesses?


If you’ve been to some local Hamilton and area restaurants, you might be familiar with the art of Paul Elia. Take a quick look at his website, and chances are you’ll nod in agreement in a sort of “Ooooh, yes, I know those!” The street scenes offer a unique look at Hamilton neighbourhoods, proving there is beauty everywhere in the city.


You can read more about Paul and his work here, and of particular note for this post, is this information about his Hamilton Strip series:


“In 2007 Paul moved back to his hometown of Hamilton and started the Hamilton Strip series. The series is inspired by the city’s surreal tension between the imposing industrial shells from a manufacturing history vs. the residential family homes built around it.”


Now, what does that have to do with Willow? Well here’s a little background from Kim:


“I’ve always admired Paul’s work and have enjoyed seeing it displayed in local restaurants like Bread Bar and Detour. His street scenes capture what I love about living downtown and the walkability of Hamilton neighbourhoods. My husband and I were fortunate to receive as a gift, a print of Paul’s James Street – a street we spend a lot of time on –  and this got me thinking about the other downtown community where I spend my working hours – Dundas. I reached out to Paul about a commission of the west end of King Street, and my home away from home, Willow Salon! Many, many thanks to Paul, I am absolutely thrilled with the result, and I hope Dundas enjoys it too.”


And, here is a little sneak peek of what will soon be gracing the walls of Willow:

Do you love it? We love it too! And, you too can own this little slice of Dundas, but connecting with Paul via his website. There is something very special about collaborating with and promoting local artists, and Willow has always been committed to this kind of support. 

Thanks once again to Paul for capturing this for Willow, and please do make a point of checking it out next time you’re at the salon.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you Tuesday!


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