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Are You There, Fall?

Holy cats, summer is back. Well, not officially, of course, but wow has it ever been hot out there! We’ve probably seen hotter temperatures this week than we did in July. Go figure…


There’s really no predicting the weather in this part of the world/country, especially on the cusp of the seasons. If you’re into these hot and hazy days and are happy they’re dragging out the season a wee bit, it appears you’re in luck, we’ve got a few more left, according to the weather forecasters. However, if you’re chomping at the bit for fall so you can wear your new fall clothes and put away the sandals until next year, it looks like you’re going to have to be patient.


In that vein, we were going to talk about the latest and greatest fall fashion trends to get you pumped for the season, but since – and this is a tiny bit of a spoiler – it’s all sweaters and puffer jackets as far as the eye can see, we thought we’d better focus on something a bit less sweat-inducing for now, and save the cold weather gear for another time. Don’t worry, we’ve still got plans to get you set up for the fall and winter seasons! We’ll just do it when it’s NOT 30C in the shade, ok?


Instead, let’s take a trip back to one of our favourite websites, the Living Aveda Blog, and see what’s up in the world of hair and makeup trends for the rest of the year.


From this brief intro to what’s hot for fall, two big trends are captured: skin care as makeup, and bold, bold, bold colours – for hair and face!


The article talks about using masks and facial oils to plump and smooth skin and then applying makeup on that fresh, clean canvas. It’s a bit of a departure from what we usually see in the fall and winter. Typically we ditch our foundations for something lighter in summer and then get back to them once the temperatures drop, but designers this season were pushing for a more fresh-faced look which is, shall we say, kind of refreshing!


Of course, Aveda products are here to save the day, and both the Tulasāra Wedding Masque and Radiant Oleation Oil were used to prep skin for the runway, with flawless results.


Then, once the skin is prepared and highlighted with those two gorgeous products, it’s time for colour and we are SO EXCITED to be introducing Aveda’s newest makeup line Birds of Paradise – arriving soon! No sneak peek for these, unfortunately, but just read what the LA blog has to say:


“A commitment-free way to partake in the Pop Art craze is with Aveda’s new Birds of Paradise makeup collection which offers gorgeous, vibrant hues for eyes that play well with the season’s dewy complexion.” 


We’ve added a photo of a bird of paradise plant, and you can certainly see that it is NOT a flower that gets relegated to the background. It stands out, it stands on its own, and it is a gorgeously bold and colourful thing of beauty. So it would appear we also can get ready for something similar from Aveda this fall. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


Some interesting talk about hair colour in this post as well, and we are sure to see more of these kinds of colour depths, using two or more shades, and letting the creative juices flow for your colour. Paired with fresh, radiant skin and some bold makeup accents, you are SET for the season, friends.


So whether you take all of this 100% to heart, or you mix and match, dabble and experiment with one or two ideas, you’ve got a head start when fall decides to finally make an appearance.


Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Chat again with you on Tuesday!


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