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Fall Colours To Brighten Your Day!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. We hope you all had a lovely weekend, doing whatever fun stuff you like to get up to on the weekends, and although the past weekend might seem like it all happened forever ago, there are just a few more days to the NEXT weekend. Funny how that is! And tomorrow is hump day, so when you think about it, the week is nearly over! Sure, let’s go with that!


If you are, like most of us, living and working for the weekend, we’re here to make your Tuesday a little bit brighter – and we mean that literally as well as figuratively!


The brightness comes from the Autumn 2017 makeup trends that we are seeing around the internet and in the fashion magazines, AND in our very own Aveda salons. Intrigued? Well we teased this a bit on Friday when we talked about some of the less sweaty fall trends that we can actually get started on, even in the midst of our current heatwave, and today we’d like to fill you in even more, so you’re good and ready to hit the ground running as soon as possible!


The always informative and on-trend ELLE magazine has a fantastic roundup of looks from fashion week runways, and these run the gamut from the understated to the over-the-top, and everything in between. Colour is key in the majority of these looks, and even the au naturel kinds of makeup styles seem to have at least one or two little pops of colour to keep things interesting. Think gold lids, or a slash of bright orange eyeliner to add to the wow factor!


And then there are the SUPREMELY colourful looks that might not be best for school or work but will ultimately dazzle after hours. Lots of heavy eye makeup in a mixture of “neon-esque” colours, blended or left in stripes for a bold look to end all bold looks. Orange, crimson, gold, copper, and bright white are just a few of the hues we’ll be seeing and potentially experimenting with this autumn!


And adding to all this colour, colour, colour, of course, is Aveda’s makeup line for fall 2017, Birds of Paradise! Again, we teased a wee bit of the line last week, but Aveda Canada’s website now has the big reveal, and the colours are just divine. And, as always, it’s hard to see just how gorgeous these items are just by checking them out online, we always encourage a trip to Willow to see and experience each product, and maybe find your new favourite go-to shade!

So while the weather keeps insisting on being summer, the fall trends are here, and they are here in full force. And it makes sense that we are seeing blasts of colour for autumn; it IS the most colourful of the seasons, after all.

Enjoy browsing through the looks and making some colourful plans, friends. We’ll be back to chat with you again on Friday. Have a great week!

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